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Here you find a list of ideas for an  indoor activities for kids. Fast, cheap, super-fun and super-easy ways to get kids active indoors!

When rain or bone-chilling day—or a pandemic—keep restless kids fidgeting on the sofa, moaning “Mum, I’m bored. There is nothing to do. The clock is ticking slower than usual for you. And you’re fresh out of ideas for things to attract …. Well, here is the right place for you to be.  As a mom of 3 very active children I understand you perfectly. Therefore, 

I have your back with the list of the best simple and fun indoor activities that can keep kids busy during school breaks or on a rainy day. Staying at home can be fun if you’re armed with the right boredom-busting games to do with kids. So, let’s turn a rainy day into a memorable adventure. 

With those activities your time will pass quicker, and you will make some wonderful memories with you little ones.

10 indoor activities for kids

Below, I’ve rounded 10 indoor activities for kids.

  • Hallway Laser Maze
  • Rocks Painting
  • Cardboard Boxes Crafts
  • Wooden Train Track Set
  • Rocks Painting
  • M&M Game
  • Face Painting
  • Ride-In Box
  • Lego
  • Slime


Let’s turn your hallway into a laser maze.

This is our top one indoor activity. It is fast, super cheap and (most important for me) easy clean up too for long hours of fun! My kids, especially boys, love to pretend to be ninjas and spies and creating their own laser maze in the hallway is so cool and fun. You can use masking tape or crepe paper and stick it to the wall using tape in a zigzag pattern.


Last year during lockdown no 1, we found some painted rocks at the Cardowan Wood. Those small brightly painted rocks cheered us up.  And we’ve decided to spread some happiness as well. The idea seems to be perfect as painting rocks and spreading them into the forest became one of our lockdown traditions. My kids love to collect rocks. 

Every time after our walk their pockets are full of treasures to keep or transform into their own masterpieces.  Kids love getting creative with their own designs and it keeps them occupied for a while.

You can collect stones with a range of different sized and shaped from anywhere during your walk or you can buy a readymade rock painting kit on amazon.

(MY TIP: If you use found rocks wash and dry its first, this will make the colours more vibrant)

Kids may use paint or felt tip pens to paint their rocks.

Painting stones or pebbles is a fun and memorable way to finish up a day trip to a local park, woodland, a riverside walk, or a beach. When those small pieces of art are finished you can use it to decorate your home or garden, or your kids can give them as gifts to family and friends or spread in a local park/forest. Another great idea is to glue a magnet to the back of your light pebble and turn it to a homemade fridge decoration

Every time after our walk their pockets are full of treasures to keep or transform into their own masterpieces.  Kids love getting creative with their own designs and it keeps them occupied for a while.


Looking for ways to keep the kids busy? Cardboard boxes are a lot of fun and it’s absolutely free!

My kids, I believe like most kids, like the box a toy is packed in even more than the actual toy inside. It is really unbelievable how kids can use their creativity and imagination. They give the box a new life by transforming it into a house, shop, spaceship or a cave. This lets children transport themselves to a new world where anything is possible, in a second, they become an astronaut, pilot, bear or a mum.

Whatever is a giant cardboard box or a smaller shoe box or cereal, boxes offer incredibly versatile possibilities to keep children entertained, engaged, and inside all day long. So next time your amazon order is delivered don’t recycle packaging just let your child’s imagination run wild with those boxes.


Wooden train tracks are another great indoor activities for kids. That’ll entertain your children to no end. Train station, bridges and tunnels, level crossings, conveyor belt hill, whole wooden towns. It gives endless opportunities putting the pieces of the train tracks together.  Wooden trains loved by children for generations are perfect for boring rainy days.

I have noticed my kids really relax when building their perfect track.  Wooden toys are a great way for kids to use their imaginations and blow off steam.


Lego is always on the very top place on their birthday and Christmas wish list, every year. It’s been that way for the last 4 or 5 years now and I don’t expect it to change any time soon. We have lots of Legos in our house. Little bricks floating around my house and after those few years living in the logo’s era. I have no more intention of trying to corral all the little pieces. It’s simply not possible, LEGO is everywhere. Last week I found a small robot in my Hunters.

Lego is an amazing toy, the amusement potential of that small, colourful bricks is infinite. Children can play LEGO over and over again for hours. LEGO is always a perfect option to suggest children during long boring days. To make it more applicable try to make LEGO a challenge for your kids. Let them build for example. A racing car or a castle using just one colour. Let your kids choose their favourite colour and see what they will come up with.


This one is my favourite game! It is very easy to set up and gives loads of fun and giggles. Have you ever tried this indoor game yourself?

You just need a M&Ms and straws. This game is about sucking up as many M&Ms as possible using straw in a certain amount of time for example 60sec. Kids get to enjoy a sweet treat of their winnings after this game has finished.


More mess, more fun. Is this your children’s motto as well?

No wonder why face painting became one of their favourite indoor activities for kids. To paint dad’s, mum’s or siblings’ face is much more fun than painting the piece of paper.

Face Painting is not just a great activity for kid’s parties. It’s a fun way to engage with you children and bring their imagination to life.

MY TIP: Face paints and pens are available in every supermarket. Choose non-toxic, water-based paints. If you want to be more creative download free face painting patterns off the internet. There is plenty of advice and tutorials on You Tube as well

WRAPPED THE MUMMY with toilet paper

If your kids love to dress up, this is something definitely for them. Perfect activity not just for Kids Halloween party game, but for long winter afternoon as well. Turn your child into a mummy with a roll of toilet paper.


It’s a perfect game to burn off all of that pent-up energy that’s kids spent by running outside.

We have tried different types of boxes but those ones from IKEA with little wheels are perfect for a crazy in box race. This is my back-up activity, if my children need something more active to help them to burn off some steam and keep them from poking each other.


All children love slime! It’s a messy but very calming sensory play. Making your DIY slime is loads of fun for children just as fun as playing with it!

Do you know what you can make your own slime with ingredients like glue, shaving cream, and even toothpaste? (check this link with a great recipe for a toothpaste slime).

I hope this list with indoor activities for kids helps you while you cooped up again inside with children.

As those games are fast, cheap, super-fun and super-easy ways to get kids active indoors!

So now give it a try and send me your pictures of fun!



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