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List of the best activities suitable for a family photo session.

The main objective from a family photo session is to capture a variety of joyful memories that you will be able to cherish for a lifetime.

What is one of the main worries for parents before a professional photoshoot? Children not cooperating during a photo session. As a mum of an 8-, 6- and 4-year-old, I know exactly how quickly a child’s mood can change. So, don’t panic, this is something I deal with on a daily basis.

Sometimes kids just don’t want to pose and perform for the camera, many children can be camera shy or impatient. Most kids don’t sit and smile on command. Certainly not mine. That’s normal. I believe we’ve all been there either as a parent or as a photographer.

It’s not an easy thing to make people laugh on demand. To change the mood of a small child who doesn’t know me or is unsure of the photo shoot in general. Especially when they know they’re being observed.

Over the years working with families and children I have a few simple tricks that I use during all my family sessions.

Therefore, before the session we have a pre-session consultation, and you fill a questionnaire. I will get lots of information about your family, your children, and your favourite activities.

To capture a natural and joy-filled family portrait it’s preferable (if possible) for my clients to be constantly moving about during the session. Focusing on the action and movement of individuals makes them forget about me and the camera. Movement allows the individual being photographed to relax their body and release endorphins!

List of 12 games to play during family photo session

The possibilities to keep a family busy during a photo shoot are endless. Here are just a few examples:

1. Tickle time

Most likely (depending on age of kids) the main trick of each session! It’s effective with 99% of kids and can produce some excellent pictures highlighting ecstatic joy on the faces of the children.

2. Flying kids:

It’s super simple, yet effective and works indoors and outdoors. Anytime!

3. Cuddle time:

Cuddle up cosy with the kids, with rubbing noses, kissing necks, cuddling cheek to cheek. Or just all sitting close to one another as a loving family wrapped in an embrace.

dult. This game is especially good for a shy and less comfortable child who perhaps would rather be in their parents’ arms and isn’t keen on being detached from them. 

4: Twirl/Airplane:

When Mum, Dad (or family member) twirl with the child I can capture a fabulous combination of their reactions, of excitement and the strong bond and connection shared between the child and the adult. 

This game is especially good for a shy and less comfortable child who perhaps would rather be in their parents’ arms and isn’t keen on being detached from them.

5.Pile up:

This is one of the best activities to do during a photo session, you can pile-up on the bed or on a blanket during an outdoor photo shoot or even better (in autumn) some leaves.

6. Catch me/Races:

I love the sound of children’s laughter, when someone runs after them to try and catch them. Kids can usually play this all-day long.

It’s a perfect game even for the most stubborn child. I like to start with these activities when I have a session with families with older children. Kids love the challenges. Nothing made them more willing to participate than being a winner.

7. Red light/Green light:

Do you remember this game from your own childhood? It’s fun in its simplicity! This game is really great for children that just can’t stop moving about.

8. Peek a Boo:

This game is ideal when photographing toddlers and babies. 

9. Parachute:

Often used in a toddler or small kids setting either at playgroup, Nursery or Primary school. Also used in kid’s clubs too. Easy, simple and can be done inexpensively with a simple flat sheet 


10 Blanket swing:

We’ve all been wrapped in a towel after bath time and swung back and forth and thrown gently on to the bed. I know my kids love a blanket swing, and the laughter this induces is priceless


Before each session we will have a detailed pre-session consultation and questionnaire to fill. Where we will discuss all aspects of your family session, and make sure the main aim is all about having fun together! It’s a real pleasure to take you on this adventure.

According to the information I gathered at our pre-session meeting I prepared a draft plan of the family photo session. By filling a questionnaire, you provide me with your kid’s preferences, their likes and dislikes, interests, your preferable way of spending time with them. That information allows me to match their mood/temper.
As you know, children are unpredictable, and this is something I have been prone to across my career as a family photographer and also as a mother myself. I go into any family photo session with an open mind and a positive mental attitude. Patience is key.

The session scenario depends on the small models and their moods. If they wish to run – we run, if they are in a happy and loving/affectionate mood for hugs, we hug.

If they are willing to fool around and jump about crazy and release all their energy, then we just go with flow. This is how the best pictures are created, not forced, but natural and relaxed in order to draw out the true emotions and happiness of those being photographed.

So if it sounds like the relaxed experience you are looking for, get in touch!!

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