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mother and daughter winter photoshoot at woodland, Cardowan Moss

Photo sessions allow you to keep wonderful memories so that you can come back to them at any time. Once you’ve decided on a session, you have a lot to choose from. There are many possibilities: a posed session in a photo studio, a session in your home or outdoor photoshoot at the location meaningful for you. Today I would like to tell you about an advantages of the outdoor sessions. Moreover, I’ll show you my favourite locations for outdoor photoshoot across Glasgow.

A photo session in nature is often the most requested type of session I’m asked to do, especially now in Covid-19 era.

Outdoor sessions are one of my favourites. Here’s why…

A magical atmosphere:

The open-air is unrivalled when it comes to the atmosphere captured in a photo. Surroundings of nature create a picturesque. The natural background allows you to emphasize the emotions between you and your loved ones. This is the most important part of my sessions. That should be the goal that every photographer strives to achieve – to convey the feeling of connecting family members through photos. In this respect, the open-air works much better than a traditional studio. Posed photographs, devoid of spontaneity, taken under artificial lighting and – due to the limited time – often at a time can seem unnatural.


The open-air is a joyful atmosphere and creates spontaneous shots. It allows you to behave more naturally. And my job as a photographer is to capture the feelings that you have for each other and that you are unable to capture on your own.

Natural light is one of the most important advantages of outdoor sessions. This is giving a great effect at any time of the day, especially at sunrise and sunset, throughout the year.

Individual style of you outdoor photoshoot:

The advantages of outdoor photoshoots are that they better reflect the individual style of each family. Whilst the studio sessions look almost the same and can at times be difficult to give them a unique character the open air offers a wealth of possibilities. First of all, it’s about choosing a background for your photos. 

The selected location may evoke good memories and refer to family stories. It may be, for example, the place of the parents’ first date. In addition, the place for the session can be combined with your interests. It can be, for example, a mountain trail or a beach. If you appreciate a modern background more, you can choose the city centre for an outdoor setting, and if you like idyllic landscapes – it can be a village.

- The possibilities are limited only by our imagination -

The possibilities are limited only by our imagination. A session organised in a place important to you will provide great results. The photos will be natural, and the atmosphere captured in them will be more credible. The photographs taken in this way will become a great souvenir for many years.

Like every photographer and I have my favourite locations. These are places known to every Glaswegian. Pollok Country Park, Mugdock Country Park and Glasgow Cardowan.

These places are great for a walk for couples, for families with energetic children, as well as friends.

Pollok Country Park is a 146-hectare (361-acre) country park located in Pollok, the Southside of Glasgow. In 2007, the Park was named Britain’s Best Park and as one of the most beautiful in Europe. In addition to a multitude lovely paths, this park is rich in marvellous architecture. Pollok House and it’s adjoining gardens are one of the most common places for wedding sessions. In addition to the noise of the trees, our senses sooth the noise of White Cart Water that flows through the park. There is no time of the year when this Park would not be delighted.

Mugdock Country Park is located 10 miles (16 km) from Glasgow City Centre, close to Milngavie and it covers an area of 260 hectares (642 acres). One of the advantages of this location is the remains of the 14th-century Mugdock Castle, stronghold of the Grahams of Montrose and the ruins of the 19th century Craigend Castle. Like Pollok Park, it is an ideal place for a walk at any time of the day and year. The myriad of paths, the riches of the flora provide a picturesque backdrop for any session. In addition, natural features include the Allander Water, Mugdock Loch and Drumclog Muir all of which provide incredible walking and cycling routes. There is no time for boredom here.

The third of my favourite session spots is probably the least known.


Cardowan is part of the Seven Lochs Wetland Park, Scotland’s largest urban nature park. There’s an area of about 4 miles of paths across Cardowan wood. If you want a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, you don’t have to look far. The raised bog, patchwork of ponds and marshes, you can see water voles, butterflies, dragonflies, frogs and toads.

It’s not difficult to spot roe deer, and the sweet songs of wheatears and meadow pipits amongst the rushes and skylarks high overhead. It’s a wonderful place and was our refuge during quarantine, here together with my family we took part in our daily walk. 

My favourite place for outdoor photoshoot

My children know every corner of this wonderful place. It’s hard to believe that such a wealth of nature is right in the very centre of the city. This location offers much more privacy than the parks mentioned above. It’s here I take photos of future mothers or families with children and couples alike, the wonderful paths are a beautiful backdrop to capture your memories. 

Especially now, in times of Covid-19, it’s ideal place for photo sessions. It’s beautiful, peaceful and unspoiled place, gives so much privacy.

The outdoor sessions gives you so much possibilities. Especially for a family outdoor shoot with children. Your family walk may became unforgettable adventure!

Family and Maternity outdoor photoshoot on the LOCATION Meaningful to you



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