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If you have ended up here reading this blog, then you are bluebells passionate this same as me. You are probably thinking about having a family bluebells photoshoot in the middle of the carpets of bluebells. Or, maybe you are trying to find the best place for a woodland walk with your family. Either way, welcome. I hope you will find all answers to your questions here.

Each spring, most of our Scottish ancient woodlands get covered with a spectacular display of gentle bluebells. This ocean of purple-blue waving in the wind among rustling trees is the perfect backdrop for truly stunning photoshoots.

What to wear for the bluebell photoshoot?

If you have booked a bluebell photoshoot, I guess now you are wondering what to wear. In this blog post, I will give you suggestions on what I think works best with bluebells as a background. Of course, this is just my opinion. Please remember, it is your bluebell photoshoot.  You should be comfortable with what you choose. Strong dark greens and purples will provide the backdrop to your photos. However, don’t compete or match these colours with your clothes for a session.   

Try to stick to neutral tones and soft hues. I find greys, navy, cream, lilac, and blue all work nicely. Therefore, select up to three colours that complement photoshoot surroundings and choose your outfits around them.

My personal favourite for bluebells photoshoot is grey and light blue. They sit well against both purples and greens whilst allowing enough contrast to pop. If you prefer more vibrant colours yellow matches bluebells and woods perfectly as well.

I would encourage you to keep away from strong, neon colours and loud patterns and logos.  Simple, plain clothing photographs the best. However, you can add a bit of texture to make a wow effect to your styling. A little lace or frill, woollen chunky jumper, denim jackets for kids, scarf for you work well.

Either you pick a girly dress or scruffy jeans and a t-shirt, all this is fine. Make sure you’re all wearing clothes that reflect who you are. Just simply stick to your chosen colour scheme palettes and all will be good.

As the bluebell grow mostly in woods, the forest paths can be a little muddy and soggy, especially after the rain. Flip-flops or shiny white Cinderella shoes might not be the best choice if is a rainy day. Although great if it dries. If muddy wellies are a perfect choice.


Early morning or as the sun is coming down in the afternoon that’s The best time to take a photoshoot among bluebells.

At this time of the day and year, the woods can be still dark and pretty cool. To avoid trembling and teeth chattering from cold make sure everyone has extra layers or terminal clothes on.

As you know, all my sessions are very natural and relaxed. I let kids freely play and express themselves during the shoot. Bluebell photo shoot is not an exemption. However, I keep a special caution during sessions among bluebells. Do you know these delicate flowers take up to 7 years to recover if trampled down? What’s more, bluebells are a protected species.

Therefore, you won’t be lying in them (like we do on the grass during another outdoor session), we won’t make races through bluebells fields. During the session we use just wood paths among the bluebells, rather cautiously sitting or kneeling next to them to keep these little bells alive.

By respecting and taking care of those stunning oceans of flowers we would be able to cherish them in the future too.

You may have noticed that many of my photos show kids and families sitting right in the middle of a patch of flowers, but this is just clever positioning and camera angle. They are always standing on a path or seat of the ground without bluebell flowers.

If you wish to find out more about bluebells itsells check here.

What is a bluebells mini photoshoot?

I’m planning to be doing my bluebells mini photoshoot in the bluebell woods from mid-April onwards. When the flowers look their best and are at their most vibrant.

A mini shoot is a short 30min photoshoot. Held in one location on a particular day. You will have a time slot for your session. 

I always confirm the place of the session closer to the day. I’ll be visiting my favourite bluebell locations and busy scouting out new ones in April to choose the most stunning place for our photos. I will try to use forests in remote locations that have not been populated by people. Therefore, please expect to have a 5-10 min walk through the woods to get to your right place. I promise it will be worth it! (Not suitable for buggies).

If you are looking for a place for a family walk in bluebell wood try Drumchapel Bluebell Woods within the old Garscadden Estate.

What is includedin Bluebell mini session?

  • A 30-minute photo shoot in bluebells, exact location to be announced in April. 
  • 5 digital images to download. You will choose from around 10 images.
  • The option to purchase more images, prints and albums
  • All for just £79

Family bluebells photoshoot WITHIN ANCIENT WOODS IN GLASGOW

I literally can not WAIT to get started on this year’s bluebell woods portrait sessions! If you wish to join me and book your mini session slot simply get in touch below.




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