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new baby girl with father and mother in boho lace dress, in home newborn photography

Boho style. Do you like it or not necessary? –

Boho style is more and more popular in interior arrangements and photography studios.

 I could browse through various interior inspections in the boho style for hours. it does not mean, however, that my house had a boho deco. However, I love the combination of off-white, beige and brown colours combined with wood and greenery of the flowerpots. Such an interior fills with peace straight away.

This fashionable boho has been "following me"

Not surpassingly, more and more photographers are turning their studios into boho-style rooms. Wicker armchairs, pampas grasses, snow catchers, rattan accessories. This fashionable boho has been “following me” as well for some time in the context of a newborn session. That’s way my “clints wardrobe” is full of beautiful lace dresses and blankets.

How to perform a boho style baby photoshoot at a client's home, who does not necessarily have such deco in her house.

you really don't need a lot to create a boho style in your bedroom.

Well, you really don’t need a lot to create a boho style in your bedroom. All you need is a nice bedspread for your bed (which I can provide) The dress, lace dress (you can use one of mine) And window (that need to be yours ;-)). Everything bright and romantic, bathed in soft natural light – the whole recipe for a boho theme session. Accessories such as pampas grass and rattan accessories are interesting additions that enrich the scenery but are not necessary. Have a look at the photos below. Whole session was performed on the master bed in the parents’ bedroom and by the window.

We used a few beige blankets and one of the lace dresses. 

This session was one of first newborn baby photoshoot I’ve done in boho style.  Little Julia was only 12 days old, and she slept almost the entire session in her mother’s arms.

The cream colour that dominates this session gives the photos lightness and emphasizes the closeness of this wonderful family.

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