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Glasgow Maternity Photography with pregnant women in red long dress at the woodland path

If you are looking for a Glasgow Maternity Photographer for yourself or your loved one you have came to the right place. The pregnancy session is an extraordinary memento of those magical 9 months when a woman carries a new life. Each new photo session with the future mother is an opportunity to capture all these feelings and the sea of emotions that accompany her while waiting for the birth of her child.

I’m Kinga and I specialise in pregnancy photography, I this blog post I’m going to  answer the most common questions you might have. 

When is the best time to take part in a pregnancy session?

Considering my years of experience as a Glasgow Maternity Photographer, I would advise you not to wait to take part in a session until the last month. The end of pregnancy for the vast majority of women is already so tiring. That, taking care of your mental and physical comfort can be stressful and exhausting.

At the same time, it may happen that the baby has different plans regarding the dates announced by the doctor.  And decides to “surprise” everyone in advance.

I know from my own experience that the best time for maternity sessions is around the 7-month mark of your pregnancy (28-34 weeks). By then your baby bump will be placed relatively high. Maternity clothing will emphasize it even more. You (should) will still be full of energy. The last weeks are exhausting, especially if you already have older children in the household and work too.

How long will the pregnancy session last?

Each session is different. Unique. Tailored to the individual. And is catered to your needs. Therefore I don’t tend to have any time limits when arranging a session with you. Generally, a pregnancy photo session will last for approx. 2 hours. We will take as long as is required to achieve the best results. When the children and the older siblings/pets are involved in the session, this can add time to the session. For example, sometimes future mothers want to be photographed in several different styles too which can add extra time to shoot also.  

I often meet a couple in their home. Where we do a few shots in the comfort of their own environment and surroundings.  These are more lifestyle sessions, releaxed and natural. Later, we take it outdoor (if that’s chosen) for the shoot and we move to our chosen location and take elegant stylized shots there.

Outdoor pregnancy session with glasgow maternity photographer - kinga Szulz

Outdoor pregnancy sessions are a very elegant type of session.  The beauty and uniqueness of the future mother are emphasized by nature.

A flowery meadow, a charming forest. A blossoming orchard. Golden crops. Historic city location or landmark. All of it  create an amazing atmosphere, in which you can feel much more at ease than you would during a session in the studio where we are limited for space. A walk, a conversation, looking at your loved ones or tender gestures. Tt is the details that determine the final effect of the photo. Being outside in the open air gives many more moments of feelings and emotions embraced by your surroundings.  

Outdoor sessions can be performed all year round. Each season of the year has its own unique charm and mood that contributes to the atmosphere of the pregnancy session. It allows us to play with the light and the features of nature as well as some fun shots with props and your family or friends or loved ones.  

It would seem that in Scotland it is hard to organize outdoor sessions due to the fact that the weather is not predictable. Seldom do we have such days here when it rains from morning to evening. Although it can happen. What is important is that you are happy and comfortable taking our session outdoors and if not this can be rescheduled.

FACT: Rain and bad weather can sometimes provide spectacular results in photos.

Most expectant mothers often resign themselves from outdoor sessions in the autumn and winter seasons for fear of catching a cold. Nobody wants to get cold. But don’t worry, I provide a selection of maternity dresses that are designed so that you can easily wear them over thermals. In addition, a flask of warm tea, a hot water bottle if needed and a large dose of positive energy from me and there is no question of feeling cold.

Take a look here if you want to see my precious session all year round-> LINK

In-home pregnancy session

Your home is a place where we all feel safe. Pregnancy sessions performed in the comfort of your home are often the most intimate of sessions. Dim lighting, atmospheric music, a delicate scent of a burning candle floating in the air relaxes you. It is then peaceful and chilled.

A home pregnancy session is perfect for any season. Perhaps it is worthwhile opting for a moment outdoors and a moment at home? Capturing two different elements of your pregnancy shoot.


By arranging a session with Glasgow Maternity Photographer – Kinga Szulz, you probably know which session style appeals to you the most. If you dream of a lifestyle session in your home, use my guide HERE, which will tell you how to plan for such sessions. Otherwise, if you prefer a styling session, I can provide professional dresses for the pregnancy session. These are dresses used with appropriate materials that enhance your belly even more. Help to emphasise the wonderful glow of your pregnancy and they will beautifully accompany the surrounding space. I have a wide range of maternity dresses and I am sure that we will find something that you will like.



First of all, get a good night’s sleep (if possible) before the session. This type of experience is new and different to a lot of people and can be a tiring time. 

Pregnancy is such a special time for everyone involved, each pregnancy is individual and unique. That is why I encourage every future mother to pamper herself before the pregnancy session. Make an appointment at the hairdresser, perhaps use the services of a make-up artist. Highlighting the beauty before the session by professionals allows future mothers to completely forget about this aspect and not to worry about whether or not “I’ll look good”.
 I work with perfectionists whose skills will allow you to achieve the maximum effects so that the whole process is not too tiring before the session.

This session is all for you!

Glasgow Maternity Photography with pregnant women in red long dress at the woodland path

How is the pregnancy session going?

Contact me – Your Glasgow Maternity Photographer Kinga Szulz. I will guide you step by step through every aspect of the session. Together we will choose the best place for the session and the best time. If you have your own idea for a particular place, I will be happy to refine the details. Or, I will propose an exterior or interior venue within Glasgow and surrounding areas.
 What you need to have with you is a positive and upbeat outlook and something you like to eat. The most important thing is to start the session refreshed and hydrated and to take regular breaks if you feel tired. 

Gifting a pregnancy photography session

When you’re lacking in ideas and you want your gift to be unique and special, choose a pregnancy photograph session as a gift. A photo session with a baby bump is a perfect souvenir for all the family and friends awaiting the new arrival. Such a gift with Glasgow maternity photograhper will certainly be a great addition to the family album. Years later, it will always be fondly remembered and cherished by the recipient.



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