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Hi There,

I’m Kinga, face behind Family Photography Glasgow/ In my photographs I capture real emotions, true connection and essence of love. All of it hidden in a subtle gestures and glazes.

Unwitnessed little moments between you and your child. Slices of your family life. As too many tender love moments go unnoticed and undocumented.


Why Do I Became Glasgow Photographer

One day, while designing our family album, I realized that I was not in these photos. Me – Mom, the most important person in my children’s life. I was cutting myself and my children from the most important memories. If you go through our family albums, you will probably ask yourself if there were a mother and a wife in this house. The one who wakes up before everyone else, makes sandwiches in the shape of tractors, the one who looks The one who wakes up before everyone else, makes sandwiches in the shape of tractors, the one who looks for a small LEGO brick for an hour because it’s an essential part of a space ship.


It was like a huge bucket of cold water poured over my head. My children have millions of photos, their lives are documented in almost every detail with me nowhere. 

For them the most important person! Do you have the same? The absence of mothers in photos is a common issue, most often we become family photographers.  

Almost every mother struggle with this. isn’t that sad?!

Who AM I

I’m Kinga, lifestyle family photographer, eternal dreamer, travel, nature and book lover, mama of three “Road Runners” who spends every free moment among fields, woods and lake, preferably barefoot.

Being a mom is the most important role in my life. And no other life experience affects me as much as motherhood itself. I knew from the very first moments of being a mother that my children’s
childhood would pass too quickly. And this time running out terrified me. 

My son was changing from day to day. Peeling skin out of his tiny feet, fluff on the ears – it was a matter of days.

My mentors and teachers

This is how the camera appeared in my life again. Yes, photography was not exactly new to me.

I remember when I was about 8 years old I did not part with the old Canon camera. I could run after my siblings in the woods all day and take pictures pretending to be a photographer. It didn’t matter for me if I had a film inside of my camera. As soon as I could watch the world surrounded me through the viewfinder. Spying for rays of light and shadows.

After moving to Scotland, I bought my first camera. Honestly, I did not think that after many years this hobby will turn into something much bigger.

In 2012 my first son was born. I began passionately immortalizing every detail of his childhood. His little hands, first steps, family walks, holidays but I was not satisfied with these photos. Almost all were portraits, often not sharp. Not satisfied with the results I took various workshops and courses.

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Learning from the best

For over 7 years I was studying at the Academy of Childhood Photography where I master my photography skills. Still hungry for new knowledge and challenges I was taking part in different courses and workshops.

From Meg Bitton, I’ve learned how to add magic to my photographs. Emily Lucarz showed me how to capture real connections during lifestyle sessions and how to spy for a light. Glamour Maternity Photography I was polishing with Alina PiotrowskaThe secrets of Newborn Lifestyle Photography I broaden my knowledge with Marta Obiegla and Maua Photography

For years I was polishing my knowledge and photography techniques to get to the satisfying level. 2015 my second son was born and a year after him, the long-awaited daughter comes to the world.

With such great models no wonder our shelves cram with countless amounts of memories in albums and external hard drives. The world of photography absorbed me totally.

I won't ask you to smile
I will make you smile

in-home/outdoor family photography

Photography made with passion

In 2019, I decided to follow my childhood dream. To be a Glasgow photographer and focus on keeping the most precious moments of family and children’s lives. Not only for myself, but also for other Mums and their Families. Such as mine and yours – normal, although extra-ordinary.

No cheesy smiles and fancy Sunday clothes. Concentrating on showing your story and authenticity. Freezing those quickly passing gestures, glances full of love and pride. At the same time NOT forgetting about you, the Mom! because there is nothing more beautiful than your love for your children. How you hug them, wipe their tears, how you laugh and joke together.

Motherhood is difficult, there are no easy day, but it is in those moments of a wonderful bond that give us strength. Motherhood and childhood are full of ups and downs, no one deserves it more than you and me to show up in family albums.





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Hi Mama! Always behind the camera?it’s your time to get in front of the lens so you can be a visible part of memories you’re making with your loved ones.


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