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Sylwia & Max outdoor Maternity photoshoot

An outdoor pregnancy session Sylwia, Max and Lana. 

This beautiful spring outdoor maternity photoshoot was done in one of my favorite places in the open air – Seven Lochs Wetland Park. Sylwia, in an advanced state of pregnancy, looked phenomenal in various outfits. Together with Max and Lena among meadows and trees. It was fully posed glamout maternity photoshoot with a lot of antics and laughter. A carefree day and the joy of being together made the pictures literally snap. These seemingly simple frames focus on family members. And retain fleeting images that often escape later in the flood of emotions related to the upcoming birth.

beauty of The Seven Lochs Wetland Park

Seven Lochs Wetland Park allows the camera to extract beautiful green elements from the frame.  Which happened to be in contrast with the elegantly dressed pair of parents and the young Lenka. I felt a bit like in the Secret Garden. 

What are the big advantages of such a session? Light, freedom and place. And a solid dose of sleep for mum so that she is refreshed. A delicate makeup did the rest.

Many years ago, it was our mothers and fathers who took the first family photos before the birth of their children. So then as proud grandparents they could have shown their friends “their treasures”.

Now, when the world is changing and rushing forward so wildly, we have started to pay more attention to the style of photos we keep in “ever larger” memory banks. We prefer to have fewer but “better” photos than dozens or hundreds of blurry shots that we will never return to.

During the session with Sylwia, Max and Lena, I wished my mother had had such an opportunity. I would love to see what she would have looked like wearing me in her belly. 


Sylwia decided to supplement the session with a few more shots from the interior in a delicate reference to the sensual style.

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