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Being a photographer who offers maternity photography, family photography and newborn photography in Glasgow, I get to meet amazing moms and their families. Every family has a unique story to tell. And I’m the one who can capture it in images. 

Today, I would like to share with you some newborn photography session from my newborn shoot with 3-week-old Xavier and his parents, Ola and Dale. 

As a mother of three and baby photography in Glasgow, I know how quickly the first months of a baby’s life pass and how quickly memories fade. Therefore, I feel privileged to be able to photo shoot the most memorable moments of parenthood for new families. At various points in your life, you would like to preserve the moments that you would like to remember. In our minds, the first few days, weeks, and months following the birth of a baby are the most cherished. It is unfortunate that, despite our best efforts, we are not able to recall all the details of that period of time.

Imagine the most memorable times you have spent with your newborn baby, those times you wish you could keep in your memory forever.

I remember asking my mother-in-law once when my eldest son Oliver was only a few months old. What was the age of my husband Chris when he began teething? She laughed, saying, “I don’t remember… he must have been a few months old.” I was shocked. How could she not remember it? Now that I am a mother of three, I understand why she was not able to recall that particular event.


A memory is flattering… It is also possible that you do not remember when your newborn baby started crawling. Newborns favourite foods. When they began sleeping through the night. Nevertheless, some moments of motherhood will remain with you forever. No matter how many children there are in the family. They are the most treasured moments in our lives. As we recall them, a gentle smile appears on our faces. Our eyes can even be filled with tears of emotion at times. During family events, we recall memories aloud, and everyone is filled with joy!

My goal today is to tell you about some of those moments that parents will never forget.



1. The first ultrasound

Each of you will remember that moment with such clarity!

A beautiful baby ultrasound photograph of a vigorously moving heart – so delicate, so tiny, so strong! I felt a sense of relief as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Thriving, growing, and alive! The first ultrasound examination is both exciting and frightening. Ensure that the baby is developing normally.

As a mother, I remember each first ultrasound with my babies – each was supposed to be the same, but it was a unique and special experience. The two-centimetre newborn babies at the time had no concept of how much they were already loved.

2.First touch - SKIN TO SKIN

Any mother can tell you what it was like when her baby was born. She will tell you everything, down to the last detail. There are certain events that bite into your memory and remain there for a lifetime.

The first time you meet your newborn is an unforgettable experience! There is no difference between being a mother of one child, two, three children, or five children. Each first time was different. Exceptional. You look at those cute nails, that round toe, that pink mouth. It is difficult to believe that your children (all of them) are so wonderful, so adorable! Refined down to the smallest detail. Earlier today, he was a belly, but now he is a complete individual who needs to be fed, changed, cuddled, kissed, and lulled.

Newborn Photographer in GLagow your chance to hold precious moments

All of the moments that we want to remember as mothers will remain in our hearts forever! It is unfortunate that your memories of that time will fade, and you will not be able to recall them as clearly. However newborn photography and natural newborn sessions give you a chance to cherish forever these precious moments.

Parenthood is tough. We sometimes feel exhausted or irritated due to colic, coming teeth, or other circumstances when there is too much on our plate. But one smile, one look at a tiny speck makes it all go away. A child’s smile is the purest expression of love. Moments like these are worth living for! Taking photographs of such moments is worthwhile so that they will not be forgotten. Photographing babies is important!

You might think about studio newborn photography. But I will tell you your home is the perfect environment, fully equipped for your family and newborn session.

Natural, relaxed, loved-filled newborn photo shoot in Glasgow!


Hi Mama! Always behind the camera?it’s your time to get in front of the lens so you can be a visible part of memories you’re making with your loved ones.


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