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Im my role as a newborn photographer in Glasgow, I have the wonderful opportunity to meet amazing moms and their families. And there is a unique story behind every family. 

In today’s post, I’d like to share with you some newborn photos from my newborn photoshoot with 3 weeks old Xavier and his parents, Ola and Dale. My experience as a mother of three and Glasgow newborn photographer shows how quickly the first months with newborns pass and how quickly memories fade. Thus, I feel honoured to capture the most memorable moments of parenthood for new families. Throughout your life, you want to preserve moments that you want to remember. It is the first few days, weeks, and months after the birth of your new baby which we yearn for in our minds. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we are unable to recall all the details of that time.

Let’s think about the most memorable times with your baby, those moments you wish you could always remember.

I remember asking my mother-in-law once – Oliver was only a few months old. “How old was my husband Chris when he started teething?” She laughed, saying, “I don’t remember… he must have been a few months old.” I was shocked. How could she not remember? Today, as a mother of three, I am sure she couldn’t recall it.


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A memory is flattering… It is also possible that you do not remember when your children started crawling. Their favourite foods are at 8 or 9 months old. When they began sleeping through the night. Nevertheless, some moments of motherhood will remain with you forever. No matter how many children there are in the family. They are the most treasured moments in our lives. As we recall them, a gentle smile appears on our faces. Our eyes can even be filled with tears of emotion at times. During family events, we recall memories aloud, and everyone is filled with joy!

My goal today is to tell you about some of those moments that parents will never forget.


other mums the most memorable moments

"My first touchy moment with Arthur, my second son was when he has just been born. He was still attached to me by the cord and was crying. When one of the nurses put his on my chest he immediately stopped crying and we both felt relieved. His eyes were opened and we could see each other for the very first time. Arthur’s soft and warm body was so soothing after the amount of work we’ve been through. It was a very happy and emotional moment as it was quite different from my first labour."

"Coming back home from hospital with my new baby boy was the most powerful moment of all moments I can remember when thinking of my times with my newborn baby. I was sooo happy and overall just totally and completely over the moon looking at my baby being part of my family. It was magical and unbelievable that HE was there, just appeared, so beautiful and just perfect. Just the fact that my baby IS here, with me and my husband, in our house, in our bedroom, sleeping peacefully unaware of huge love that appeared in my heart from the very first moment I knew I am waiting for him. And so the fact of my baby boy just being with me, and the realisation that he now exists is the most memorable and most powerful moment with me newborn, and I can’t believe it’s already been 6 years!"



1. The first ultrasound

There’s no doubt that each of you remembers that moment! That moment when you saw your baby for the first time. When we take off some frosting this time, it remains to be seen, it wasn’t just joyfully listening to your heartbeat. But, it’s a powerful, solid dose of fear. There is a mixture of impatience and anxiety – what if there is something wrong?

My attention was always focused on the nurse during the ultrasound examination. The silence during the scan, in my opinion, lasted for long minutes, although it probably wasn’t. As I analyzed the nurse’s face, I noticed that she was frowning, and I felt a wave of heat wash over me. Waiting impatiently for confirmation that my baby is okay.

First Heartbeat

Here’s a beautiful ultrasound image of a vigorously moving heart – so delicate, so tiny, so strong! There was a sense of relief as if an enormous weight had been lifted. Alive, growing, and thriving!

Our first ultrasound examination was both frightening and exciting! Verify that the baby is developing properly. The nurse’s words were worth their weight in gold! During the following weeks of my pregnancy, they gave me amazing peace of mind.

As a mother, I remember every first ultrasound with our children – each was supposed to be the same, but was completely different and very special! Each ultrasound sent me home like a bird on wings! At the time, my 2-centimeter children had no idea how much they were already loved. Knowing that I had a new life within me made me the happiest person in the world!

2.First touch

Ask any mother what it was like when her John, Amanda, David, Kate, or Jack were born. She will tell you everything, down to the last detail. Events like these bite into your memory and remain there forever.

This first meeting with your newborn is unforgettable! There is no difference between being a mother to one child, two children, three children, or five children. Each first time was different. Exceptional. You look at those cute nails, that round toe, that pink mouth. It is difficult to believe that your baby (each one of them) is so wonderful, so perfect! Refined down to the smallest detail. Yesterday he was a belly, and today he is a complete person who needs to be fed, changed a nappy, cuddled, kissed, and lulled.

skin to skin

Love blossoms so quickly at this point that it is shocking. Additionally, mom and dad are both born with the baby. “Will I be able to love a child, can I do it?” is now a thing of the past. Even though the legs are shaking, and stained with blood, and the medical staff is still completing the birthing procedure, it doesn’t matter. All things are beyond consciousness. There are only you and your baby. As you look at them, you cry with joy and you already whisper:

“Good morning, my darling, hello! I’ve been waiting for you for so long and you are here!”

There is no other moment that would cause such extreme emotions! A mixture of adrenaline, ecstasy, and the emerging omnipotent feeling. One look. One gentle touch. In one second, you are ready to give life for your child

"One of the moments that I remember very well to this day was the first day in the hospital after birth. My husband came to help me with the baby and I went to eat breakfast just for 20 minutes. fe Sara cried all the time, daddy was terrified, and when I came back, she calmed down and a smile appeared on her face ... Till now I still remember her tiny face, she was so attached to she is mainly daddy's little girl 🙂 love her so much."

Newborn Photographer in GLagow your chance to hold precious moments

All of the moments that we want to remember as mothers will remain in our hearts forever! A moment like this can never be forgotten! It is hidden deep within the very depths of the heart. Life is different for us. There are times when we are tired or irritated because of colic, coming teeth, and other moments when we feel there is too much on our plates. However, one smile, one look at a small speck makes everything seem to melt away. An open smile on a child’s face, hands, feet, and eyes is the purest expression of love. Moments like these are worth living for! Taking photographs of such moments is worthwhile so that they will not be forgotten.

And what moments from your motherhood do you want to remember for the rest of your life?

The first ultrasound? The first skin-to-skin touch? Feeding? Step? Maybe the first tooth? Or the first word? A child’s life is full of first moments, and if I wanted to describe them all, I would have to write a book! 😉 What were your first moments as a parent? Were they similar to mine or were they a little different? I would love to hear about your most memorable moments with your baby! It would be a pleasure to hold them for you!


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