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I love doing outdoor family photos all year round. But, as you can easily guess – outdoor photoshoots are still not as popular as studio shoots, especially during the winter.  And I can understand why. It’s cold.  Often rainy.  You look outside and think you won’t get any nice pictures if you go with an outdoor shoot. 

I will surprise you here! It is not the case at all! Professional photographers see the potential of a place even if others can’t. We can find just the right spots to create stunning portraits despite the season and weather. Every season has its own beauty.  Winter is no exception.
Soft winter light is very flattering for portrait photography, so you really shouldn’t be afraid of having your family session done on location. 
Outdoor portraits in winter are something that I’ve really started taking more of in the past few years. But to be honest with you, it wasn’t until Covid era that I began to take full advantage of the winter Scottish wonderland. When social distance was an important part of staying safe, outdoor shoots became more popular. The family photoshoot of Julia and Hanna is proof that outdoor sessions don’t have to be limited to summer days and fall colourful season. 

What should I wear for winter outdoor photoshoot?

One of the most common concerns before each session is “what should we wear?” It can be tricky especially in the cold months. Scottish weather can be unpredictable, it can change very quickly. As family sessions can take a couple of hours outdoors it is good to be prepared. Waring layers will keep you warm and will add spice to the photographs. 

Don’t forget about winter accessories: huts, gloves, scarfs. Don’t match the outfit for all family members but coordinate 3-4 colours between you. And choose the colour schemes which match the surroundings. I’m always happy to give you a hand when selecting your outfits for our photoshoot. 

What if the weather is bad on the day of the shoot?

As you know Scottish winter is so unpredictable. At the same day, we can truly experience all four seasons. From the sunny and warm moments to storms of snow and heavy rain. Yes, all of that in just a couple of hours. That’s the beauty of Scotland.

I always suggest keeping the day of the session free of any other plans. As, we might need to move the session slightly in time for an hour or two to avoid the rain. However, I’d never had to postpone a session because of the weather condition for another day. We would need to wait for the time slot in between the rain. 

Julia and hanna winter photoshoot at Cardowan wood

I’ve met with Julia and Hanna one winter morning in January at the Cordowan Moss. And we took advantage of the nice, full on sun rays but chilly day.  Both girls are very camera shy, but winter outdoor photoshoots provide even higher chances for more privacy during taking pictures. We have taken photos during their walk along the forest paths, in the middle of golden high grasses and next to the frosty stone little bridge. And I just love the results! The low winter light was just so pretty that day! Softly illuminating the surroundings adding a warm glow to images. Together with beautiful outfit, perfectly matching the location gave an extra WOW effect to the picures. 

Hanna wished to design a photo album with the photographs from the session and gift them to Julia’s grandparents. Isn’t it a great idea for a gift? 


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