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summer outdoor photoshoot in the garden round mother in white summer dress with newborn baby boy

Newborn Photography Glasgow

The newborn baby photoshoot for Magda and Marcel was unusual. Why? Because this session was made outdoors. There are the reasons why newborn sessions  do not take place outside very often. Above all, as you can easily guess, the key here is the weather. Especially, the weather in Glasgow can be unpredictable. However, this time it worked.

Newborn & Family Photoshoot

in the comfort of your own garden

A combination of favourable weather, a grassy area, and some good logistics made it possible to photograph a 4-week-old infant boy. Well-rested Marcel, in his mother’s safe arms. Watching the surroundings with interest.

A sunny warm day and shaded grass under the trees made the session possible. It gave the young mother and the newborn the comfort to work with me and the camera. If it happens in life, Marcel got hungry during the shooting and took a little nap. However, that’s what I love about this type of session. For the possibility of taking shoots of real everyday life. 

The beautiful mother with a wreath in her hair just radiates happiness. I am very proud of my models. Moreover, I would like to share with you some pictures from their sessions. I smile to myself all the time when I remember those carefree moments spent in the company of Magda and Marcel. Did I mention I truly love my job?

The key aspect of all my session whether in-home on at location concentrate on showing the essence of love hidden in tender glazes and gesture.

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Outdoor photo sessions are perfect for animal lovers. In the comfort of your garden, we can do family and pet photoshoots and create beautiful images and pet portraits at the same time. Apart from digital images, which you can print, you can also decorate your house with amazing wall art. 

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If you dream to have a similar session. If this is about to take place after the baby is born or the due date is approaching, call me or simple write to me. There is little time for preparation. I want to conduct the session in a way that is as light as possible for the mother and child.  Session tak place in Glasgow and 30 miles around the city.


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