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At some stage in your life, you might face this kind of dilemma. Your dear friend is expecting. Baby shower party next week. What gift would make this magic event even more special? The brainstorm begins. You search through the Internet, spend long hours on Pinterest looking for inspiration. You might even speak to other mums and seek their views. Browsing through endless catalogues of toys, outfits for kids or even cosmetics for mums. Eventually you end up being swamped by the limitless options and you haven’t decided yet.

The most common questions that arise in your mind are: 

  • Maybe going for the easiest option won’t be such a bad idea? 
  • What things should be considered when looking for the perfect gift?
  • Should it be a funny gift?
  • Should it be for the mum or the baby?
  • Is it possible to have one gift that works for both – mum and baby?
  • Is this a gift from you alone or is this a collective gift from friends or work colleagues?
  • What is the budget?

photography gift vouchers

If you want to think out of the box and give an unforgettable present, why not try and arrange for a professional photoshoot. This unique gift will capture the special moments of the motherhood journey forever. And will allow everyone to cherish and look back at them anytime.

Maternity & Newborn photography, lifestyle photography, newborn or family photoshoots are the most popular options selected by my clients.

Photography gift vouchers are not an obvious choice and can be considered by some too extravagant or Avant-garde even. It’s a standard gift that can be wrapped up and handed over. There are some aspects you should take into account while deciding to go for this unforgettable idea.

Firstly, you should inform future mum about this idea so she can digest the concept and prepare herself for it. The photoshoot with a new-born should take place within the first month of the baby’s life.

I would like to add that if you think this might be too much for a mum and her little one the theme of the session can be changed. 

Other options worth considering are: 

A session while mum is still pregnant, or a family session that involves both parents and a baby when it’s older than one month. If you are still considering which option would be the best, go and check out my gallery. Maybe a future mum could see the pictures too? This should give you some idea of each of the sessions.


Throughout my career, I have met many families who opted for more than just one session. They wanted to capture each step of that beautiful journey as a family and parents. The first session for many is the maternity photoshoot. This unique moment of a radiant glow of a mum-to-be caught to remind her of this special moment in her life. The next session takes place after the newborn is only weeks or days old and the final session shows the emotions and love of the whole family.

why to gift photography vouchers?

Those who got the photoshoot as a gift are always telling me that if it hadn’t been for that gift they would have never thought of a photoshoot. It’s been the best present ever and it has given them so much joy and happiness. The photoshoot and the final results will always remind them of this special days.


Newborn & maternity photography gift vouchers

The unique and magical present is within your reach.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns please contact me. I am happy to answer all and any questions you might have.

I will guide you and the mum-to-be through all the stages of the process. Working with expecting mothers and newborn babies on a daily basis gives me the confidence to provide comfort and security for everyone involved in a session.

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