Pet Photography

“Animals are a window to your soul and a doorway to your spiritual destiny.” - Kim Shotola,

Natural, and relaxed pet photography – outdoor or in your home family photography session with your beloved pet.

I’m getting more and more inquiries from clients and if you can involve your four-legged friend to the session. I always say: Yes! A session with a dog or other pet is possible. What’s more, I believe that every pet usually is treated as a family member, so they can take part in your session. Regardless of whether it is an engagement session, pregnancy, family or even a new-born photoshoot.

A pet photography Glasgow with a dog or cat is a great legacy for years. I believe your phones are more than likely overloaded with photos of your furry friend – whatever dogs or cats. However, such photos from a professional photo session will show not only your pet. But also your deep bond and connection that you share with one another. 

Such photos are perfect for hanging as a wall art. After many years those pet portraits will bring back memories of the time spent with your best friend.


Look here for a family pet photography staffordshire.

Relaxed Pet photography in the comfort of your home or on location


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Hi Mama! Always behind the camera?it’s your time to get in front of the lens so you can be a visible part of memories you’re making with your loved ones.


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