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Are you looking for professional and expiranced photographer for your child  first communion photos? If yes, you are at the right place. I provide photography service not just for an individual families. But also for a group of children making their First Holy Communion. 

Why to higher photographer for a group of children

In many churches parents and family members are not allowed to take first communion photos by themselves during the First Holy Communion Mass. The aim of this is to preserve the unity of the special Liturg. And not to distract kids from the most important reason of the ceremony. The moment of joy and importance when receiving Jesus for the first time.

On the other hand, First Holy Communion is a once a lifetime moment for Catholics. It deserves to be captured with beautiful images. Therefore, the churches give permission to hire one professional photographe. To document the Ceremony for the whole group of children making the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Such a photographer is specially trained in working during the Mass. Providing high work ethic, subtle and respectable approach without interfering in the ceremony.


Moreover, such photographers are very aware and prepared to capture the essential moments needed to be photographed throughout the First Communion Mass.

being a photographer during group communions

I have had the privilege of acting as the official First Holy Communion photographer at the local Catholic Church in Glasgow. I have been experienced in working with various numbers of groups from 10 children up to 60. Firstly, as part of the role is to cover a reportage of the First Holy Communion Mass. Secondly, to take individual portraits of each child during the service. Next, to take large group photos with the priest afterwards. Moreover, I also offer 10/15 minutes mini studio shoots for children and their families either before or after the service. 

As soon as the group of Communicant is larger than 12 children than whole day of the First Holy Communion is photographed by TWO processional photographers. Fully experienced and trained in First Holy Communion Reportage Photography


The purpose of First Communion photos is to preserve and enhance the spirituality of the Eucharist received for the first time by children. Children spend months on preparing for the moment of receiving Jesus for the first time. I believe The First Holy Communion Mass is the essence of this special day. As a result, I am mindful of capturing all the details surrounding the ceremony. 

Some examples of photographs you may expect may be such as the procession, readers, presentation of blessed gifts Receiving the Sacrament of First Holy Communion and First Holy Communion Certificate and gift as: saint picture, small Bible, Rosary, Cross etc. 


During the ceremony the various candid portraits are taken for each individual Communicant.  

As the principal photographer, all the above images will be taken from superior angles and perspectives; the front of the church – where family members and congregation members are not allowed during the mass for fear of disrupting the service. 

2. Group portrait holy communion photos

Typically, after the ceremony ends, the Communicants are organised to pose for a group portrait, usually with the priest.

Some First Communion groups wish to take portraits of the First Communion child and individual family portraits as well on the day of the Communion Service (before or after Mass). Therefore, I offer customised studio portrait sessions to individual families and Communicants. All relatives are invited to partake in these sessions.

Typically, for these mini sessions, I would require a larger space. Usually the church hall. To assemble set-up, which includes backdrop, soft boxes, lights, and props. These sessions take about 10/15 minutes per Communicant/Family. The aim is to create beautiful memories of your child’s special day, encompassing individual, sibling, family, and large group shots (tailored to each family’s requirements). 

Please note that there must be a minimum of 10 families participating in these portrait sessions to proceed. 

3. Family studio portraits

After the day of the Holy Communion, it is time for us photographers to select the best images for you. Then all selected images are uploaded to our secure online gallery. Here parents/guardians can view and order a range of products. The packages offer a printed and electronic version of photographs, USB drives and photo albums. Each family may choose their package and products tailored to their individual requirements and budget. 

 I’m always more than happy to make a brief presentation about what I can offer you as a group. We can also discuss and customise a package which will suit your groups’ individual needs best. 

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Options, offers and prices

First holy communion photography for individual families and groups, Glasgow

are you ready to make some memories?

If you want me to come to your Church to offer a similar service or if you wish to find out more about my Holy Communion packages for a group of children, 

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