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When's the best age to photograph your baby?- At-home baby Photography Glasgow, Scotland

Are you planning to book a newborn photo session, but you are not sure what is the best age for newborn photoshoot?

So, When is the best age to photograph early moments with your newborn?

Every newborn photographer has their own definition of the best moment for a newborn sessions. It’s depending on whether it offers newborn photos in the studio, or if it is a lifestyle session taking place in your home.


Newborn session at studio

Newborn shots done in the studio are about posing newborn babies in baskets and tying them in various positions. Some photographers put an age limit on newborn photo sessions, for example till 14 days since birth.

But, this is not a session with me….

natural Photography

I do much more natural and relaxed shots. I believe it is impossible to determine the best moment for newborn photo sessions and it varies for every single family. 

Fresh new baby or few weeks older babies – are perfect for newborn photography. 

Lifestyle - natural newborn photography

Getting ready and travelling for newborn photos taken in the studio can be a real “mission impossible” in the first days of your baby’s life. And the stress of getting ready for your shoot – dressing up and packing all necessary things (bottles, milk, nappies, wipes, extra clothes and so on) is the whole trip. That is why I am coming to you, and we take photos in the privacy of your four walls. At your home, you and your child feel the best, safest and most natural.

When to Plan a newborn session?

Expecting parents presume they need to wait until their fresh baby arrival to start booking and make a search through Glasgow newborn photographers. The best time to plan your newborn baby photo shoot is during your pregnancy. Ideally, you should be reserving your newborn photography session at the end of your second trimester or the very beginning of your third. Then it is worth spending a while to find an experienced newborn photographer who provides you with the style of the photography which pinch your heart. Those newborn photos became beautiful new family memories and truly priceless souvenirs of your baby for you and future generations. So, it is worth to make research on the topic in advance. Firstly, to avoid disappointment the photographer is already booked. Secondly, after giving birth, the subject of photos will be the last thing you think about. After giving birth your newborn baby will consume most of your time.  You get used to new routine and concentrate on your baby’s needs, etc. By leaving the decision about newborn baby photoshoot to the last moment the early weeks might pass before you notice, and you may miss the first baby milestones without documenting them.

newborn photographer in Glasgow, mom, dad and baby son during at home newborn photo shoot
newborn photography Glasgow with 5 days old baby girl

How to choose the date of your newborn baby photoshoot?

Before the birth, when planning your baby newborn session, you can only guess when you would like to have such a session taken. You have no idea what date the baby will arrive. However, as a experianced newborn photographer and through the years of working with expectant mothers, I’ve learnt how to effectively set up the initial date for your newborn shots.

 During our consultation, I will find out your exact due date. Using your due date for when your baby will actually arrive, I’m adding a couple of days for your time at the hospital and a couple of days for you to recoup at home.  According to that day, I make sure to have in my dairy a couple of various days free for your session. This is just the initial date possible for the photoshoot. I don’t expect you to set the newborn shoot up in the first 7-10 days after your baby’s arrival.

Then life gets in the way!

First days with New Baby - your family photographs

The first days after giving birth are exhausting. The birth itself is exhausting. If you are breastfeeding mama or after caesarean births, you may have a few sleepless nights. After your caesarean or during particularly difficult recovery you may be worried that you will have to be moving around lots during the session, lifting the baby, or standing/sitting in awkward, uncomfortable, or downright painful positions with swollen feet. It is so obvious you won’t be able to see your photographer in the first 10 days after having a baby. In addition, during those first days with your fresh baby, you are still getting used to a new routine.  The first weeks may be overwhelming. I know it myself. A storm of hormones, long days, and even longer nights with a baby on my shoulder.

In those cases, inviting a photographer round to take newborn photographs may be the last thing you feel like doing. But fear not!

it’s never too late for your newborn baby photo shoot

You don’t need to have your newborn session scheduled in the first days following birth. As a lifestyle newborn photographer, I don’t need your baby to sleep during a photo shoot or to be able to curl up into certain positions. I do not put your baby in anything, I do not use any props during my sessions, and I do not pose your newborn. Your tiny miracle stays in your arms pretty much the whole session, besides the time when I take detailed shots and your baby lay done on your bed. Safe and cosy.


Newborn Photos taken in the first two weeks of your baby's life

Newborn babies 4-12 days old

If you can book your baby photoshoot during those first two weeks of your child’s life that’s great.  It is wonderful age for family memories captured. Photograph babies at the early newborn phase tend to be pretty curled up, chilled, and still very sleepy! Therefore, sessions taken in the first 14 days after the labour run smoother. Baby is sleeping for most of the time during the session and I can take curled-up sleeping shots, snuggles with you and your partner, photos when baby feeding (it’s optional just if you want them) and close detailed shots of your baby’s tiny hands, feet, eyelashes and lips.

At this stage, I can still capture fluff on your baby’s ears and arm, skin peeling off her/his hands, arms, and leg – you want to have these details captured. Your baby won’t be smiling yet, but I might catch one or two windy smiles!

Newborn photos taken when your baby is more than two weeks old

older newborn babies - 15 days old and more

As I said there’s no reason why you can’t have a baby’s newborn photo shoot with older babies. Up to around two, three or four weeks old. There is no definition of ideal age for newborn photos. I don’t do posed shots of newborns, therefore I’m totally happy to do first-time baby sessions with slightly older babies.

If babies are two and more weeks old, they tend to have longer periods of awake and sleep less. It’s not an issue at all. We would need just more baby feeding breaks in between during the session. As your baby is more alert and aware of their surroundings you will have more ‘eyes open’ shots than sleepy ones – so cute! Some parents wait longer with their newborn photo session as they wish their baby was more awake – it is your choice.


At this stage, older newborn babies start to lose some of their wrinkly skin and downy hair, but they smile more.

When the baby reaches three weeks baby acne and cradle cap can appear. However, none of these are the reasons for not having your baby photographs done. I just need to add more subtle retouching on the odd bit of flaky skin or those little red spots covering your child’s face.




My Happy baby photography Clients!

I came across Kinga when I was searching online for a newborn photographer prior to my daughter being born. Kinga's work spoke for itself and was exactly what I was looking for. From the moment I got in touch, Kinga was quick to reply, professional and friendly. We had a fantastic family home photo session and loved the photos so much that we purchased them all!
Susan Smith

early newborn age photoshoot
Babies younger then 14 days

newborn Photos with 5 days old baby Jagienka

newborn Photos with 7 days old baby Niko

newborn photos with 7 days old liam



older newborn babies



in-home newborn photography Glasgow with three weeks old baby boy

newborn photos with 4 weeks old Victoria

Victoria weigh 2.692kg when she was born and when I visited her after 4 weeks from her birth she fitted in first size newborn clothes. Despite the weeks she had still fresh newborn look. 

newborn photos with 4 weeks old aurora

Premature babies – Aurora was 4 weeks prematurly born. She had to stay in the hospital for first couple of weeks. So when I visted her in her home she was exapctly 4 weeks old. Our session took place on her planned due date/

Newborn photos with 4 weeks old xavier

Little Xaview was born 4 weeks and one day before our photoshoot. As aa loder baby he was active most of the photo session. Look his curious facial expresions.

Newborn photos with 5 weeks old Aaliyah

Aaliyah was 5 weeks old during out photo session. I think she was one of the biggest child I had pleasure to photograph so far.  She’d a;ready had the most gourges baby’s eyelashes. 


In fact, no matter your child’s age, a photo session with your baby is always a great idea. After a couple of days with your new little human, you’ll notice how fast your baby changes and is not as little anymore as just few days ago. Especially during baby’s first year. They develop super fast…. From the first family photographs to first birthday smash cake photoshoot just in a blink of the eye.  You’ve been warned! 😉 I feel like yesterday brought a new fresh newborn to the hospital home. And now they are 9, 6 and 5.


Wherever you will have your baby’s newborn session done when she or he is 5 days old, 14 day or 3 weeks older baby there is no such situation that I wouldn’t be able to take amazing shots, gorgeous portraits, super cute natural style full of love photographs. 

Don’t worry too much and let me put your mind at rest. Most parents really enjoy the photo session experience, and it’s much more relaxing and stress-free than you might think! 

are you ready to make some memories?

for you , your child and for future generations


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