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Pet photography with an energetic dog

I love when you enquire about sessions with animals. So when Ewelina wrote to me asking for a pictures with her super cute dog, I couldn’t wait for the shooting day.

At the beginning, Ewelina had a lot of fears about the session because Caesar is quite an energetic dog. But what to expect from the Staffordshire Bull Terrier – all of them are full of energy. That’s their beauty. To calm Ewelina’s worries, we’d decided to organise the sessions in a secluded localisation away from people. Cardowan Moss is the perfect place for dog pictures especially if you wish to have a  maximum of privacy during photoshoot. The session took place in the early morning hours. To maximise the chances for even more privacy. In consequence, we didn’t pass almost anyone on the forest paths.

The aim of each of my sessions is to show the bond that binds family members. I believe that the greatest value in our life is in small moments, often so obviously that we do not pay attention to them. These little snippets of everyday life write our unique story.

Morning walk with a dog, chasing balls, digging, and burying their nose in the leaves. It’s a daily activity for your dog. But ones that’s not really all that remarkable and not photographed all that often. It is wonderful to have an image of the activities and the winter haze certainly makes for a better photo this time. Keep your furry friend at the centre of attention during the photoshoot. The time centred around your pooch that’s the moment I’m waiting for. Play with a stick, run together and simply have fun. That’s the key for a great dog pictures.


  • choose as much secluded localisation away from people as possible 
  • bring with you your dog’s favourite toys 
  • don’t forget to take some dog snacks
  • have fun together

Ewelina dreamed of a very natural session, without posing. The session was a simple walk with her dog through the forest paths. We are both very pleased with the results of our meeting. We managed to make portraits that wonderfully show a strong bond, love between these two friends. The dynamic frames perfectly reflect the character of the exuberant Caesar. He was having a blast in the snow. Snow photos are always fun, as many dogs love to play in the snow, and it’s a great opportunity to capture a lot of fun, joyful moments.


A wonderful winter scenery, snow-covered trees, frosted with grass, and Ewelina’s outfit perfectly fit into the scene, adding a wow effect.

5 useful tips for fun filled portrait session with your four legged friend.


I can’t say enough about how professional Kinga is and the quality of work that she provides. Kinga is a wonderful and truly a proffesional in her field. I was so pleased with my session in the forest and final photographs. I had a lot of fun with my dog. She made our walk in the forest memorable and she has captured the most special moments. I simply cannot recommend her enough !


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