One winter afternoon in January, I met Magda and Martin for their pregnancy outdoor session. I couldn’t take them anywhere else other than my truly favourite outdoor setting, Cardowan Wood. The weather conditions that day were spectacular. How often do we get to embrace and experience such beautiful scenes in wintertime in Glasgow as we have done this year? Why not embrace the outdoors and the magical setting of Scotland in wintertime and opt for an outdoor winter photoshoot?


winter haze in Glasgow

The warm rays of the sun breaking through the trees, frost covered branches along with the rustling snow under your feet. From the first glance, I knew that this photo session would be very special. Before the shoot Magda mentioned Martin was uncomfortable in front of a camera and was not so keen to be photographed, but to me they both felt very comfortable, natural and adapted to being photographed with ease. I didn’t see any shyness in them from my viewpoint. Something that makes my role easier. 

It was a real deep meaningful walk in the woods. I just waited in the distance for the perfect moment to press the shutter and capture their essence together. 

To freeze the look of love they had for each other. Sincere smiles along with their deep connection, a joyous sense of humour and the happiness of being together waiting to encapsulate their emotions and feelings as naturally as possible through a lens. All of this you can view in their pictures.



Magda and Marcin story

During the session, I was very touched by the couple and their story together. You can read below to see how photographs have a truly special meaning and value for both of them.


"Ever since we started thinking about starting our own family, I have paid much more attention to photos and to preserving many memories in this way. A few years ago, neither I nor Martin would have thought to capture moments with siblings or parents, for example. We both experienced the loss of a loved one recently. And thanks to the photos from our wedding, Martin can say hello to his father every day while walking down the corridor. Sadly, but thankfully, apart from wedding photos, he doesn't have any other pictures together with her father. Seeing him at such moments, I will want to save as many moments as possible in pictures so that we can always come back to them. One day we may lose our loved ones, and just photographs help to bring back faded memories. So concisely what value the photos have for us - HUGE. I haven't given birth yet, but I already have in my head what photos I must take off my little one so that there is something to remember later. The most important things in the photos for me are to catch emotions and what spark of love in our eyes "- Magda. And in their eyes, you can see a lot, an endless sea of ​​love and trust.



After this session, I realised that I also don’t have any photos with my sister and brother and my parents. When I think about it, I am overwhelmed with sadness. Because in recent unpredictable times our family and friend dynamics can change in an instant as many of us including Magda and Martin have experienced in recent years. 

One of my New Year’s resolutions is that as soon as I can meet my relatives again, instead of concentrating on photographing children, I will photograph myself with my parents and siblings in order to preserve a physical copy of our relationships and treasure them for many years to come and for my children and future family to look back with fondness and to engage in discussions around our family, friends and loved ones to keep the memories alive.

How many photographs do you have with your loved ones? If you feel that there are gaps across the years when it comes to this please do not hesitate to contact me! 


Memories are timeless. Photographs are priceless.


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