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When the waiting time for your newborn baby comes to an end and you can finally hug your fresh born baby, time stops. But only for a moment… Because before you know it, this little one will no longer be so tiny. When you realize this, you will feel pride and fear at the same time. You’ll be wondering if you remember those first days together as clearly as you would like? Will you remember those tiny legs, hands, and eyes … Newborn photography is one of the most valuable souvenirs that you can have from this beautiful, but very short time full of love and hugging.

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Newborn Photoshoot at home. Photographs showing your unique bond between you and fresh baby.

At Home Glasgow Newborn Photography

Today I would like to show you one of my at-home newborn photo sessions. A very special session with a wonderful Italian family. Little Victoria, and her parents Valeria and Angelo. From the very beginning, I felt in my guts that my adventure with this amazing family would not end after this first newborn photoshoot

Meet Sapienza Family

Valeria and Angelo met 11 years ago, they were still very young and from that first moment on they basically shared everything. After they graduated in 2016, they decided to move to Scotland. After 2 years they bought their beautiful house here, got married and now they became parents.

They are a simply amazing couple. Laughing, having fun, and being active is something that there’s always been in as a couple, and this is the kind of parents they are for their sweet little daughter Victoria.

At the moment, Victora is over six months old. But when I first time visit them  at comfort of their cosy home Victoria was just 4 weeks old fresh newborn.

Why Valeria chose in-home newborn photoshoot ?

“I’ve found the lifestyle session definitely easier and more comfortable compared with the normal shooting session at the studio. Lifestyle sessions tell the story of the family, in its ordinary (but also extraordinary) way. So, there is no pressure or problem if the baby starts crying or is unsettled: you can feed, and cuddle him/her and the photographer will keep taking those amazing photos, creating beautiful memories of daily life” – Valeria

how to create breath-taking at home newborn photos?

Today I will give you a ready recipe for brath-taking at home newborm photos so that yours would be like that.

 New-borns are extremely graceful models. Most of the newborn  photo sessions are created when the baby is 7 – 20 days old, during sweet naps. Then it is much easier for newborn photographers and parents to arrange a little body so that it looks even more tender, e.g. by tilting the hands or curling the legs. Such a session cannot be created in an hour. There is plenty of in-between moments for feedings and changing diapers. It’s hard to feel the pattern of a newborn’s day because you don’t know each other that much, you are just getting used to the new routine together.  So, both you and I – your Glasgow newborn photographer must spend at least 1.5 hours on sessions. And believe me, we do not need a studio for beautiful shots. Your four walls are an ideal place to capture your family’s beautiful memories. However, it’s good to stick to certain rules.


TOP TIPS FOR PARENTS BEFORE at home Glasgow Newborn Photography

  1. The whole session is done using Natural daylight – preferably a bit of sun falling through the window somewhere. See in which room you have good access to windows.
  2. Take care of a neutral background without unnecessary distractions – a bed in a bedroom and a sofa in the living room. Rule of thumb, the less there is on the set, the better.
  1. At least half an hour before the shoot, turn the temperature up so that your baby feels comfortable when taking pictures, just dress up with a baby vest.
  2. Feed your baby 20-30 mins before the shooting so he/she will be calm, happy, and relaxed.
  1. Pick your baby’s outfit first, something eye-catching but not with neo colours or logos. Something easy to put on. Then choose coordinated outfits for yourself.
  1. Add accessories for a wow effect. A knitted blanket, cuddly, preferably in earth tones, beige/cream or grey, it can also be pale peach or pale blue.
  1. When choosing clothes for parents and siblings, limit yourself to earthy, natural colours: beige, brown, white, rust, blue, navy, grey
  1. Don’t stress your photo shoot is going to be way easier and more relaxed than you think. You need to just concentrate on your loved ones and let the photographer do the magic! During your photoshoot be yourself, show me your life as I want to tell through images your extraordinary story. the whole session is about hugging your baby because the baby feels the safest in your arms.

My Happy Clients!

"At first I was a bit nervous about my look (I delivered a baby just a couple of weeks before our shooting, so I was a bit worried about my look). Also, I didn’t know Kinga and I was a bit concerned about letting a stranger come into my house. But as soon as she arrived I just felt so confident and also I also had the sensation of having a friend at home, because she was so nice and kind but in the meantime so professional. This is also the thing that I loved the most: the fact that I didn’t feel oppressed or that I had to “look good” for the camera. I just had to be myself with my husband and my baby and it was so relaxing and enjoyable." "You did an amazing, outstanding job Kinga. I feel so emotional because it truly is amazing. Can’t thank you enough.” "It was a pleasure to have you here and we are still talking about you and how professional and sweet you’ve been through he whole session.”

Newborn Photography at the comfort of your home, Glasgow

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