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Are graduation portraits worth it?

In the UK, a graduation ceremony happens at the end of a student’s time at the university, where students receive their degree officially.

It is a once-in-a-life event and your graduation photographs will last a lifetime. The day is one of those fleeting special occasions that we will remember forever. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the day is captured in all its splendor.

Graduation is something that you look forward to. It’s a day when you walk across the stage during graduation and leave your student life behind for good, but it also means that you’re one step closer to starting new adventures!

As a graduation photographer Glasgow, I want to make sure graduates have beautiful personable photography portraits with which they can remember their accomplishments forever.


The UK, City of Glasgow provides some excellent photo backdrops and quirky props. You don’t need a studio, artificial background and lighting. I believe your campus grounds are the best locations for your Graduation photos aim brings to you all the memories back from your student life.

Glasgow Uni grounds are breathtaking. The graduation take place at the University Chapel and the afterwards photoshoot all around Gilmore Campus and Cloisters.

Caledonian University Graduation Events takes place in the Uni auditorium. Photoshoot take place just next to the main building.

Strathclyde Uni students celebrate the graduation day at the The Barony Hall, High street. Afterwards photography session can take place just next to the The Barony Hall Building and then next to St Mungo’s Cathedral.



You meet your photographer after the ceremony at the location of your choice. The photography session takes approx. 1 hour. During the hours of service I will blend posing photography with more natural lifestyle-documentary style of photos to capture your professional graduation portraits in a relaxed but formal style to create lasting portraits to hang on your walls for years to come.

Your graduation photography session is going to take place on the day of your graduation. I believe you want to look good for the day while celebrating such an achievement.

Make-up for girls and nice done hair will make your photos glow.

In UK wearing a gown during a graduation day is a lot-time tradition. Wearing a graduation gown gives a special meaning to the whole day, individuals and your images.

Very often I’m asked what to wear under the gown. I always say: “Wear nice clothes under the gown so you can do a few shots without it”. For girls, I would recommended to choose dress or formal top with skirt or smart trousers. For males suit with white-collared shirt is recommended so to create pleasant contrast with the dark gown.

Please note, colour of your clothes also matters. It is generally recommended to photograph solid colours and minimal patterns. As a result, YOU become the focal point of the presentation. Make sure that the colour you choose goes well with the University and subject colours; this refers to the cap, sash, and gown that you will wear. 

Be sure to plan and try your outfit in advance. The worst case scenario is to feel uncomfortable during the hours – both the graduation and photography shoot service.

There are several items you will need for your graduation, including a graduation sash or stole, your graduation cap, which can be decorated for that extra festive touch. Using these classic props during graduation photoshoot will help you remember your time at the Uni and will make you look gorgeous for the occasion.

As graduation day brings the family together, it is a great opportunity to capture some additional family photos.

Guests, families and friends are always welcome to take part in your photo shoot. There is not better occasion to gather and celebrate with your family.

I offer three different photography pricing plans. Check here the websites with pricing plans and step-by-step photography process.


how to book graduation photoshoot glasgow ?

If you are graduating this year and wish to make this event little bit more special by upgrading your graduation suvenir from an iPhone to a photographer service I can defiatly cover you here. Simply call me, email or fill the form below. Simply provide with the date of your Glasgow graduation you wish to book for.

Please be aware graduation time is a busy period for photographers. I always suggest my customers to book earlier to avoid dissappointment but last minute photography sessions are avaialble sometimes. So even if you required a short notice photography services. Just contact me.

I’m looking forward to hear from you.

Graduation Photography Glasgow

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