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Newborn Photoshoot

At home photo shoot is an excellent alternative to studio newborn photography. However, before booking it’s vital to know what to expect from at home newborn photoshoot. 

Soon after the baby arrives, having someone in your home to take newborn images can be nerve-wracking. I know, I get you totally. I’ve been through all of that three times myself. By there is no better studio for your newborn photo shoot than the comfort of your home.

My name is Kinga, and I’m a Glasgow-based in-home newborn photographer. Photographing newborns and maternity sessions in Scotland is one of my favourite things to do.

A key advantage of at-home newborn sessions is that they capture your baby’s real beauty. When you have a newborn baby, it’s a wonderful moment and preserving it forever is imperative for your family.

Many questions may arise about my at-home newborn shoots. “What is a lifestyle newborn session?” or “When should your newborn baby images be taken?” are among the most common questions I hear. My previous blog posts answer those questions.

Now, as the lifestyle newborn photographer I want to show you what to expect from an at-home newborn photo session, from the moment I enter your house to saying bye.

What age is best for newborn baby photography?

It’s never too early to take newborn pictures. However, I think 4 days to 6 weeks is the best time to catch the newborn phase. When booking newborn baby photography with me, your child doesn’t have be younger than two weeks old. No, I don’t pose or curl babies in certain positions for newborn sessions, so you don’t have to schedule them right after birth. Most of the time, your tiny miracle stays in your arms throughout the photoshoot session.

That’s except when I’m taking detailed shots and your baby is lying on your bed.

It is true that the age of your little one influences the final photo shoot result. If you wish to find out how check here.

A step-by-step guide to Home Newborn Photography Sessions

Before the Newborn Session

Pre-session consultation

Before our newborn shoot, we’ll discuss details that might worry you. We’ll discuss your outfits, baby outfits, the session plan, the ideal time of the shoot and how to get ready.

Newborn lifestyle style photoshoots do not require tight posing, just light guidance. I don’t want you to be concerned with smiling at the camera either. During a photoshoot, simply be present, look at your baby, and play together. To make the photoshoot journey as relaxed and easy as possible, I always make sure it is tailored to the families life and suit families needs.

On the newborn session day

Let's introduce ourselves

First thing at my arrival, entering your home and greeting you I will ask you to wash my hands in the bathroom. Safety first!

I come to you fully equipped. Bringing two cameras and two lenses for capturing your amazing daily life and the magic of these first beautiful family moments.

Older children

Additionally I pay special attention to other kids at home at the beginning of my visit to make sure they’re at the center of my attention I always ask about their name, age, favourite book or toy. When an older brother or sister introduces me to a newborn baby, they always want to show me their room, favourite toys, and play with me. I let them take a couple of pictures with my camera and ask if they want to be my assistant during the shoot. 

My tip: Don’t tell your children to smile, pose and be nice to the photographer. It’ll make them anxious, and when I get there they’ll close off. 

Getting a good bond with your older child is all about an easy, playful approach. Take it easy and enjoy the moments.

Spying for the finest natural light

After that, I’ll tour your home to find out which rooms provide the most suitable lighting for your images. The master bedroom, living room, and nursery are the most common places to photograph newborns.

Prior to the shoot, I will send you a brief guide on how to prepare for a newborn shoot. And believe me, a deep cleaning is not necessary.

Living room - Bedroom - Nursery Room

A photoshoot begins in the living room. You can sit comfortably on the sofa. While I capture you and your sleepy or smily baby we will chat about your pregnancy, your due date and your labor experience. Mums love telling those life stories, don’t they?

Bedroom newborn pictures are my favourites, as this is the place magic happens. Besides blankets, cribs, and baskets, there is no need for any other props.

It is possible that we need to take a break during a photoshoot to change a diaper or for feeding your child. Those in between baby moments usually take place in the nursery.

My sessions are very baby-led. There is no time limit for a photoshoot. It is estimated that the sessions will last approximately 2 hours, but I won’t be holding a watch during them. I will create a wide range of family art photos for you, full of natural smiles and sleepy moments. I try not to miss baby yawning or details so you have lots of images in your online portfolio gallery.

The angles and perspectives

As I mentioned earlier, I will guide you throughout the photo session. I will show you where to sit and stand so that you are well illuminated by sunlight. I will not, however, set you up. I’ll ask you to sit or lie down however you feel comfortable. In the end, the pictures should show you, not the studied poses.

During our shoot, you won’t move much. This is my job. You’ll see me jumping around taking pictures from different angles. Often standing up on a chair or window sill and shooting down or kneeling up and shooting up. I will shoot from all sides and even from behind peeking down.


Make your mothering journey a memorable and fun experience with a Maternity session.

Newborn Photoshoot Poses

Siblings Photos First

The first thing I do if there is an older sibling is take images of the family and sibling. I then move on to photographs of the baby alone.

Keeping older siblings’ involvement in the session short works best if they have a short attention span.

In order to keep their interest for a bit, we kept the photo session playful and silly. Then they can move on to things they enjoy more, such as snacking and playing with their toys!

Parents and newborn Baby Photos

As soon as I have taken family and sibling photos, I will move on to newborn images with mum, and with dad.

Each parent will be photographed individually with the baby, as well as both parents together with the baby. My favourite place to photograph these is near a window. I will show you how to hold your baby in your arms. You might feel uncomfortable holding your baby in an unfamiliar way. These poses will showcase your babies beautifully for the camera. I’ll guide you to feel more comfortable and confident.  

When your baby cries or feels uncomfortable, I stop photographing and encourage you to move the position.

After the newborn photoshoot

It shouldn’t take more than 2 hours for your photo session, during which I will capture a large selection of photographs that will appear on your online portfolio. Before I wrap up a photoshoot, I make sure the pictures meet your expectations.

Your first gallery with unedited images will be ready in 48 hours after the newborn photoshoot. At this stage, you will be able to look through whole photographs at the portfolio and pick your preferable package.


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