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“Pregnancy photos aren’t just about that fascinating bump. It’s about the beautiful, strong, capable, empowered Woman carrying life!”

The magical time of pregnancy and waiting for the arrival of a new family member is completely unique. It is worth documenting it so that you and your child can remember the beautiful moments when you were as close as possible later. 

Hi, I’m Kinga – the face behind Family Photography Glasgow. I’m Glasgow professional maternity photographer. I don’t own a maternity photography studio, and posed maternity shoots are not my cup of tea.

I specialise in natural light, relaxed not staged couples maternity photo shoots. My family, newborn and pregnancy photo shoots take place among beautiful Scottish outdoors or at my clients houses. 

in-Home maternity photography

There is no better place to have pregnancy photography than in the comfort and privacy of your own home where you will feel so natural. Without having to rush anywhere. Enjoying coffee and cookies. Lounging on your own comfortable sofa or cuddling in the living room. During in-home pregnancy sessions, I do not pose you with complicated arrangements. But I try to emphasise your love, feelings, delicacy and tenderness. Hugging, gentle touch and, above all, the future mother in a way that shows her beautiful, unusual condition. Of course, you can also go crazy during such a session. Let’s organise home cooking together, baking gingerbread or pizza, watching a movie on the projector or playing board games. What do you like and what gives you pleasure? The more natural you are, the better the photo effects will be afterwards.

Plus, think about your child seeing these maternity photoshoot pictures in 20 or 30 years. In addition to your portraits, you will certainly appreciate the opportunity to remember what your home looked like, and what your favourite angles and objects had. All the interiors that are yours also tell a story about you and are the perfect complement to such sessions. See what her / his room and cradle or first toys looked like? Priceless.

outdoor maternity photography

Your maternity photography can be a casual walk at your favourite location. A conversation with your other half, sparks of love in your eyes and tender gestures – it is the details that determine the final effect of the lifestyle/natural outdoor maternity session.

 During my maternity photography sessions, I concentrate not just on your pregnancy bump but also focus on the deep feelings between you and your partner.

Why on Location you ask? Being outside in the open air gives many more opportunities to reflect on the feelings and emotions embraced by your surroundings.

The uniqueness of the future mother and her baby bump is highlighted by nature. A flowery meadow, a charming forest, a blossoming orchard, golden crops or a historic city location or landmark. All of those locations create an amazing atmosphere, in which you can feel much more at ease than you would during a session in the studio where we are limited for space.

Outdoor sessions can be performed all year round. Each season of the year has its own unique charm and mood. That contributes to the atmosphere of the pregnancy session. It allows us to play with the light and the features of nature. As well as some fun shots with props and your family or friends or loved ones. 

I’m happy to suggest you pregnancy photoshoot ideas whatever is indoor or outdoor. Maternity photography photo shoot as relaxed as possible.


Real emotions. True connection. Essence of love.

All of it hidden in subtle gestures and glazes.

Unwitnessed little moments between you and your child.

 Slices of your family life.

As too many tender love moments go unnoticed and undocumented.



Hold onto the moments you love most with your baby bump in photos and video 

glasgow Photography testimonials
November 2020

"Kinga was helpful all the way, not just during the session but also prior to it, prepared different activities for the kids to get them engaged and managed to create an atmosphere of fun and play rather than a chore"

Kate, Family Photoshoot
glasgow photo testimonials
September, 2019

"Kinga set a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere in the comfort of our own home and captured some beautiful photos of our family."

Alison, Newborn & Family Photoshoot
September, 2020

"We had a fantastic family home photo session and loved the photos so much that we purchased them all!"

Susan, Newborn & Motherhood Photo session
June, 2020

"Kinga listened to what my expectations were and she didn’t only deliver, she exceeded my expectations!"

Magda, Motherhood Photoshoot

To give my maternity photography clients an even more memorable experience, I’m adding video to a pregnancy photo shoot by recording short video clips throughout your maternity shoot.

You get the impact of still photos with the magic of video clips blended together in one keepsake slideshow of a maternity couple photo shoot. 

In years’ time, you will be able to memorise the scene out of the maternity photos and videos with all your senses. You’ll be able to see the love and pride that fills you when you were gently embracing your baby bump. Beautiful maternity portraits capturing this amazing time in your life for a life-time. 

* Video Clips are included in the FULL PACKAGE price

Check packages, offers and products available



Glasgow pregnancy photoshoot

Your session is going to be your real life story through my eyes.

Your deep love, connection, raw emotions.

Slice of your family life.

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