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First Holy Communion, just like baptism or other family and religious celebrations, is a unique, extraordinary experience with a special setting. Holy Communion is a unique event in the life of a child and the whole family. It is worth taking photos of this time to make them a great souvenir. For everyone who wants to have beautiful, interesting first holy communion photos – I invite you to see my offer here

While the Holy Communion reportage can be only taken on the day of communion, the portrait session can be made on the day of communion or on any day after the ceremony. Then neither parents nor children are not stressed by the preparations for the celebration and they can allow themselves more freedom. We arrange all the details of communion photography with parents in advance.

 If you are looking for a photographer for your child First Holy Communion, then you’ve come to the right place!

Lena's first holy communion photos

Today I would like to share with you the session that I took on the days of Lena’s Holy Communion. We started the day with photos taken during Lena’s preparations while still at her home. Then we walked together to the church. Not every parish allows a parent to take pictures during the mass of the celebration in order not to distract the children from the most important moment of the mass. In this parish, however, the pastor allowed me to take photos during the service.
After the ceremony, we went to do the portrait session at the nearby Alexandra Park. The beginning of May is the perfect time for outdoor sessions with cherry trees in full bloom.
A communion session doesn’t always have to be extra serious. Of course, I always take classic photos typical of this circumstance 🙂 This is a unique souvenir, such a situation will not happen again, so it’s worth using it, but if you want to go crazy a bit, do such a session “in your own way” – it’s great! See what session we conjured up with this family during  Lena’s Holy Communion. It was classic, but also fun 🙂

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