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Do you want to hear a story? A story why I’m glad to be obsesed with taking photographs of our everyday life? And the reasons why I become Glasgow Photographer?

When my youngest child came into the world, I became a mother of three. Three under the age of 5. It wasn’t an easy time. And to be honest with you, every single day is difficult. As you know motherhood is an unpredictable combination of challenging, rewarding, strange, incredible, tiring, and delightful moments. At that time, I was dreaming about the days without nappies, bottle steriliser and pram. 

A few days ago, together with my husband, we were trying to recall our memories of what it was like. Just then. About 4 years ago. it’s not that long ago after all. Only four years back. 

And do you know what? I was not able to bring our everyday life routine back into my mind.  How was it without kids’ arguments about who will use the toilet first in the morning? Without school homework, after school clubs.  Without being a taxi driver. The only thing that has not changed is the constant “Muuum” “Mummy” Mamoooo”!

time flies to fast

Time flies too fast and I really regret it. I would love to dive into the moments when my children were still small, chabby toddlers. Sniff the flavour of newborn skin. Admire the cuteness of the plump folds of the arms and legs.  Once again experience first smiles. First steps. I loved those hours spent reading books on the carpet in our living room. Playing Duplo. Snuggle and tickle.


“I really didn’t expect it to be so hard to remember all the little details because, when they happen, they are so wonderful and, to my mind, unique and unforgettable—that is, until the moment I try to recall something and realize that all of my memories have glommed together” like overcooked pasta. 

Why are our memories so fleeting?

Now, I am so glad for my obsessively haunting with the phone and the camera. Catching our everyday moments – those joyful and those less. But our life snippets – Imperfectly perfect.

When I feel nostalgic about the past. I pull from the shelf photos and albums. Digs up old disks with early years movies with my THREE Run Runners. We dive back into the past.  Recalling mornings without the rush. Lazy days in pyjamas. 


Why I became glasgow photographer?

Photographs are not your ink on the paper. They are real-time machines. Holding it in your hand you will be able to memorise the scene out of the picture with all your senses. You will hear small feet stamping on the wooden floor, the flavour of pancakes you made that day. All those faded memories fill you up again. You will be able to get wrapped yourself in all these memories once again. This is the essence of being of Family Glasgow Photographer.

Are you ready to make some memories?

outdoor famiy photoshoot with kinga Szulz Glasgow photographer


Hi Mama! Always behind the camera?it’s your time to get in front of the lens so you can be a visible part of memories you’re making with your loved ones.


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