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There are moments in your child’s life that really happen only once in a lifetime. First Holy Communion is one of them. The Sacrament of the First Holy Communion is an exciting and memorable milestone.It’s a significant sign for the child accepting the responsibility for their own faith. The moment of joy and importance when the little human receiving Jesus for the first time deserved to be captured with beautiful images. 

First holy Communion photography

Being a photographer during this significant day is a real privilege. As there is no bigger recognition than being a witness of the pure joy and excitement of your child and the beauty of the whole day.

When it comes to the first holy communion photography you have a wide range of choices. I offer individual photoshoots for families and reportage photoshoots for groups. 

In this blog I’m going to explain two offers I provide for individual families documenting First Holy Communion Day: 

℘ First Holy Communion Portrait Session

℘ Reportage Style of Holy Communion Photography.

first holy communion pictures


Holy Communion Portrait Session takes place outdoors. 

Springtime, May and June when most of the First Holy Communion takes place are perfect for an outdoor session. I always aim to find the stunning place as local beautiful meadows full of blossoms and fresh greens in the local park. Woodlands with carpets of little bluebells work perfectly as well. Holy communion portrait sessions can be held on the actual ceremony day itself.  Or Holly Communion photos can be arranged for another day – after or even before the ceremony. 


I blend different types of portraits: some traditional, some of them more relaxed, childlike, and free. I love to take portraits of the child with their rosary and bible. 

First Holy Communion Portrait Photoshoot includes:

♦      Traditional and Candid Portraits of the communion child 

♦      Traditional and Candid Portrait of the communion child with their immediate family (parents and sibling)

♦    Traditional and Candid Portrait of the communion child with siblings 

♦    Traditional and Candid Portrait of the communion child with parents


The aim of a Reportage Style of Holy Communion Photography is to capture the spirit of the First Communion day in the most natural and artistic way, with all details. You can book a whole day of photography coverage or choose the certain parts of the day for me to attend. 

- Candid and traditional photographs taken at your home before the mass

I come to your house to document the bustle and hustle before the big moment. You don’t have to worry about your house being hectic. I will capture just your child getting ready for a church ceremony.  I believe meeting with you before the ceremony at your place helps to break the ice of shine. Especially if you or your child is camera shy. Moreover, I’m able to capture important details you want to remember: bible, rosemary, saint cross, “angel” white dress for girl or boy’s suit. Small accessories make the day so special.

- Candid and traditional photographs taken at your First Holy Communion church ceremony

Then, we attend the service. I capture reportage-style shots of your child making their First Holy Communion. I photograph the most important moments during the mass as the procession, presentation of blessed gifts, child praying and receiving the Sacrament of First Holy Communion Certificate. Also, I tend to capture the portraits when your child is sitting and praying during the ceremony. After the mass, it’s time to take a posed portrait with the priest, and teachers at the church.

- Portrait Session at the local park

After the Eucharist Ceremony, it’s time for a family portrait photoshoot. Closed-by park, full of greens and blossoms at the time of the year. It’s the perfect location for a family portrait session.  I blend traditional and relaxed types of portraits.

A typical First Holy Communion Portrait Photoshoot includes:

*      Portraits of the Communicants

*     Portrait of the Communicants with parents and sibling

*    Portrait of the Communicants with siblings 

*    Portrait of the Communicants with parents

- Reportage photography during Holy Communion reception venue

If you hold a venue after the mass, I’m always happy to photograph moments with extended family and friends as well. Relaxed moments, when your child is playing and enjoy the day. 

If any part of the reportage coverage of the day is not appealing to you – is fine. You can modify it as you wish to your needs. You can miss images taken at the home preparation or venue photographs. We will tailor the package to your individual family requirements.


Check the prices for First Holy Communion Packages


First Communion Photography Glasgow and Scotland

Please feel free to ask for more details about documenting your child’s First Holy Communion. I would love to chat with you!




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