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Outdoor pregnancy photoshoot among carpets of delicate snowdrops. 


Let’s picture this: sunny spring or summer months. Pregnancy test showed two lines.  Yes, your dream came true. You are expecting. In less than 9 months you will become a mummy. It’s such an emotional and exciting time in your life. Especially if it’s your first baby. First trimester is the toughest one. Your body undergoes major changes preparing for the new role. Every woman experience pregnancy differently. Some women glow since the day one others feel miserable. Morning sickness. Breast tenderness. Fatigue. Most pregnant women go through that. I was in this team too.

When the fog of the first trimester wears off, it’s time to start thinking about the fun, exciting things. Your baby nursery room. Baby pram. Pregnancy yoga. Then you get to the stage to plan a maternity and newborn photoshoot as well! And you have just realize you are having a Winter/Early Spring Baby!


“How on earth will you get maternity photos taken in Glasgow in the Winter?! With dark, rainy, miserable Scottish weather? It can be hard to imagine!”


your options for winter pregnacy photoshoot

In most cases families are waiting till spring for photoshoot but expecting mamas can’t wait. Well, having a winter baby has its own benefits as well. And the winter maternity photoshoot isn’t a mission impassable. The easiest option, yet too often overlooked, is to book an in-home maternity photoshoot. Yes indeed, in your own home! 

Pregnant couples think there are just two options for Winter maternity photos: outdoor sessions and studio sessions. Your own home is a great option for a lifestyle maternity session. In the same way you would use it for a lifestyle newborn session!  You can take advantage of your baby bump during chrismas time and consider an in-home pregnancy shoot. With a Christmas tree and Christmas lights in your cosy Christmas pyjamas.

outdoor pregnancy photoshoot

The second maternity option is to brave those scottish winter temperatures and commit to doing an outdoor winter pregnancy photoshoot. Here’s my little secret to my expecting mamas…. The sunsets are the MOST beautiful and golden from November-March! Yes, It’s true. I don’t know if it’s the tilt of the Earth or our proximity to the sun in the Winter months, but golden hour is the best this time of year.  You don’t have to wait till sunset to the very late evening hours. With the sun being low in the sky, the winter sunset starts even from 2pm.  I believe it’s like a small reward for braving the cold! Check here blog with one of my winter golden hour pregnancy photos.

 The other option you could consider is an outdoor pregnancy photoshoot among snowdrops.

A couple of weeks ago when walking with my family I found myself on a pathway bordered on each side by a mini ocean of snowdrops, marvelling at the beauty. And it’s all just a couple of miles from the city centre Of Glasgow, in the Mugdock Country Park. It was one of my dreams to take a photoshoot at this time of the year with delicate snowdrops as a background. I was over the moon when Lucy, my pregnant client, got excited like me when I mentioned photoshoot surrounded by little snowdrops. She picked one of the pregnancy dresses from my client’s closet and we met at the park one February morning for a session. The photographs went amazing.


If you are expecting an early spring baby, why not take advantage of beautiful carpets of the white flowers of snowdrops, as they doggedly push through February’s snow. It’s a delightful sign spring is on the way. Snowdrops set the perfect background for maternity photoshoots.


You don’t have to worry about the outfit. You can choose your favourite gowns from my beautiful collection in my client wardrobe. I will guide you through beautiful poses that will show off your beautiful baby bump all while bringing out your confidence and glow.



Did you know, you can add on your Maternity Session at a special price when you book your Newborn Session with me! I have a couple of options for whatever fits your fancy and your style.

For more information on Maternity & Newborn Sessions, contact me and I will respond to your email as soon as I can! 


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OUtdoor pregnancy photoshoot at the location meaningful to you

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