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When scheduling your session, do you think about the best time of the day for an outdoor photoshoot in Glasgow? There are many factors that influence whether or not our  family photo session will be successful. From the good humour of the people photographed to the amount of coffee that the photographer drank that morning. The season does not matter here. Beautiful photos can be taken all year round. But the time of day already matters. 

Family outdoor photoshoot in Glasgow

Beautiful photos can be taken all year round. But the time of day matters and affect its final results

Avoid noon hours with full sun

Yes! Full sun is not the most ideal time for taking photos.

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Probably everyone passionate about taking photos has found out that the middle of a sunny day is one of the most difficult times to take pictures. If you are not a model with a perfectly flawless face (not me for sure), remember that nothing can hide from the harsh sun.

Sunlight falling directly on the photographed object emphasizes all its details, scratches, and refractions. If the effect of sharp shadows and clear scratches is not what you care about, it is better to avoid this combination. Strong rays of the sun falling on the face will cause strong shadows under the eyes, which cannot be removed even during editing in Photoshop

But what if the only convenient time for family outdoor photoshoot is sunny noon?

In those scenarios, what do you do when the only convenient time for outdoor photoshoot in Glasgow is sunny noon? We can try a few tricks. 

TIP 1: Finding shaded areas for sessions is the first step. By using trees as clearances, you will be able to soften the sharpness of the light’s incidence on your subjects when facing the light. It also reduces squinting in the eyes.

 TIP 2: A second option is to place models with their backs on the sun and take pictures against it. It is important to note, however, that such photographs may not always provide satisfactory results.

TIP 3: In Scotland, the overcast sky won’t be a major problem at noon for outdoor photoshoot in Glasgow. Lucky us 🙂

Sunrise is the perfect time for an outdoor photoshoot in Glasgow

Getting up early on the weekends can be challenging when these are the only days of the week when you can sleep in. There is no doubt that it is difficult, but it is worth the effort in the end. When the sun’s rays are low above the horizon, they create a gentle illumination of the subject. Not to mention the beautiful colours of the morning sky and sunrise. However, if you are not able to make an appointment in the early morning, the next option is definitely for you.

Cloudy mornings - your safe option

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For families with young children, morning sessions are the safest option. Often with a bit of cloudiness, it is the most suitable time for sessions with energetic children. After a good night’s sleep and breakfast, they are in the happiest mood for fun.

The outdoor family photoshoot below was taken at 9am at the perfect cloudy morning.

The golden evening is the most spectacular time for an outdoor photoshoot in Glasgow

The best time to take all family pictures is at sunset. In photography, the time just before the sun hides behind the horizon is referred to as the golden hour. Due to its characteristic warm golden hue that takes on the sky. It’s the perfect time for outdoor sessions. The sun’s rays are soft, the light is soft and extremely warm. The colour of the sky changes every now and then, giving the possibility of various, unique shots. If you are a fan of these golden rays, this time is for you. And the effects of such a session can really surprise you. If you wish to look for other outdoor photoshoot taken at the sunset of golden hour check here.

At the same time, the evening is the time when most people are after work/school and have time to rest. And is there anything nicer and more relaxing than a romantic photo session in the light of the setting sun.

What is the most suitable time for your Family outdoor photoshoot in Glasgow?

No matter what time of day you choose for yourself, keep it well thought out. You have various options, and it is worth considering what effect you expect from your outdoor session. If you are still not sure what time of day is right for your outdoor session, contact me so we can discuss it together.

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