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Glasgow outdoor Family Photography
at Golden Hour

Glasgow outdoor family photography as sunset?

 For most photographers, the most desirable time of the day to do an outdoor session is so-called Golden Hour, which is sunrise and sunset. For photographers like myself, who only use natural light when photographing, this is what we call prime time. Golden hour is our obsession. We live and breathe these golden rays of sunrises and sunsets. During that time of the days the light is precious, soft, and flattering.

What is the Golden Hour?

The golden hour dictionary defines it as “the period just before sunset or sunrise when the light is redder and softer than usual so that photographs taken at that time have a pleasing quality”. Golden hour is characterized by golden shades of light, hence its name.

The golden hour is my favourite moment for outdoor photoshoots, whatever the season. During this short moment, when the sun emits characteristic, soft light with a golden hue, the world takes on completely different colours. This is the ideal time to photograph families, couples, expecting mothers or landscapes.

Interestingly, the golden hour doesn’t have to last for 60 minutes. Its length varies according to latitude. In Scotland, for example, the golden hour lasts 45-60 minutes. During golden hours, light intensity and colour are different. There will be less light available for photos as the sun gets closer to the horizon. In addition, there are no two sunsets alike. As a result, this time of day is even more special. As a result, no two Glasgow outdoor photography sessions are the same. You can be photographed at the same place at different sunsets and none of these sessions will be the same.

Why is it worth taking photos during the golden hour?

There is something poetic about the golden hour, as so much hope comes along with a sunrise or sunset. It’s the beginning of the day or the end of a journey. Poetic by nature. As well as enhancing Mother Nature’s beauty. It’s an epic and inspiring hour of the day where the magic happens.

Think about a romantic sunset, long shadows, or a summer idyll in the meadows, somewhere in the mountains or by the sea. You will understand why photographing during the golden hour is worth it.

During the golden hour, light can completely change how we perceive the world. The same place will look completely different earlier in the morning, in the middle of the day, and at sunset. When we add to this the variety of seasons, cloud cover or rain/snowfall, we can see how much depends on the time taken to take photos. Photography is a form of painting with light, so it’s no wonder photographers and other artists have loved the golden hour for years.

some examples of the Glasgow outdoor family photography at the golden hour

How to determine when the light will be at its best?

The duration of the golden hour varies from continent to continent, depending on the latitude of the place. And also the time of sunrise and sunset changes with the season.

The easiest way to find the time of the golden hour is to use the weather app on your phone. You can also use a special app to check the exact time of the golden hour. You can see there what time of day sunrise and sunset will start. You may also find Sunset Calculator useful.




what if you can't book photoshoot at the golden Hour?

What's a Good Plan B?

Sometimes booking a sunrise or sunset session is not an option. That’s OK. Although I prefer the Golden Sunset Hours, I can also capture magical images at other times of the day. You can expect stunning family portraits regardless of the time of the outdoor session. Sunsets are just an added bonus to our sessions. In my case, I’m passionate about human connection and emotive storytelling above all. My second favourite weather condition for Glasgow outdoor family photography is a cloudy, moody day, and fortunately, Scotland has plenty of those.

glasgow outdoor family photography at the golden hour

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