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Why not celebrate your special bond. Mother and daughter photoshoot.

spring Photoshoot

Spring officially started some time ago. Beautiful, sunny and blooming. This’s a great time for outdoor photo sessions. It’s not too hot, everything is blooming, cherres trees, bluebells, magnolias. Trees and grass are exceptionally green in colour. We are spolied with locations. Forest, park city or beach … 

Magda's and Sofia's mother and daughter photoshoot

Two wonderful girls Magda and Sophia and their beautiful  “Mother and Daughter” outdoor session. 

Zosia went to the nursery with my daughter Karina. They were in the same group. No wonder I got to know Magda quite well. I was delighted when she booked the “Mother and Daughter”  spring photo session. A family session is my favourite edition. It is a type of photoshoot in which movement, emotions, smiles and silence are intertwined, creating a uniform whole. Anything where the mother-daughter relationship plays a key role. These photos show what may be invisible to some, full commitment, beautiful moments and great emotions, one kind of bond between mother and daughter. Let’s take a look at yourself. 
The session took place in mid-May afternoon in one of my favourite locations Cardowan Wood among little, white primroses.  

The key to the success of any session is a good attitude, but also preparation. By following a few of my tips on how to prepare for a mother and daughter session – you will find that such a session, especially for children, is nothing but a joyful adventure.

1. One hour before the session, be sure to have something to eat. Nothing is worse than a session with a growling belly.
2. Schedule the session times so that your child is refreshed and full of energy. If your baby is still asleep during the day, it’s best to arrange the session right after the nap.
3. Prepare the child for a new experience. Tell it like a fairy tale – where are you going and what will happen.
4. Take your favourite toys, books, blanket, and accessories for your child with you to make them feel nice and comfortable.
5. During the session, focus all your attention on your child. This is your time.
6. Do not force your child to smile at the camera during your session.
7. As a reward after the session, it is worth giving the child jellies, dates or whatever he likes the most, and the next time he will be even more willing to take part in the photo session.

1. Choose a style of clothes in a similar colour scheme. I do not recommend matching clothes, but coordiante 2/3 colours matching with the place of the session.
2. Pastel colours and white will never go out of fashion.
3. Choose clothes with no prints on them. If you choose clothes with patterns, try not to make them too flashy and match them to each other.
4. Take accessories for the session that can be used: hat, beads, earrings, headbands etc.

5. If you want to be even more inspired with the photoshoot outfit check here.

The above tips will help you prepare for your session. However, if you have any question and want to arrange a photo session, please contact me.

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