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Children's Photography Glasgow

People often ask me “What is the best age for children’s photography? ….. How do you think?

There is no way to stop or turn back the hands of time. By the time you know it, your toddler will be out of diapers and walking to school. Children’s photos provide us with the opportunity to relive those early moments and memories from their early lives. Children’s photography makes a wonderful souvenir for years to come.

Children make excellent models for photos. Innocent smiles, naturalness, and ease make for stunning photographs. It is possible to photograph almost all of a child’s emotions. In children’s photos, we can see how their character develops. 


When it comes to photographing your child, there is no bad time.  

Your child’s development is marked by extraordinary milestones. It only happens once in a lifetime. Today became tomorrow and before you knew it, your precious newborn were attending their first day of school. Whatever your child has just made his first steps or has just started to tie shoelaces by themselves is the best time to capture it. 

Photographing children ranging from infants to 12 and 13-year-olds requires patience. In parallel, the age of the child determines what to expect during the session and how it should be conducted. Without complete preparation, photographing children can be challenging.

Whenever I photograph children, I try to capture those special moments when their faces express all their curiosity about life. Here, every moment of the session is literally worth its weight in gold. 

Children's Photography Glasgow

Each milestone of your child's development is extraordinary. And it happens only once.

photoshoot with teenagers girl portrait walking with a dog

SiTter Photoshoot - age 4-12 months old

The babies in baby sitter photography range in age from 4 to 12 months. The baby begins to lift his head up while attempting to lean on his elbows. It is when they can sit still by themselves, but can’t walk yet. As a result, these sessions are easier as the babies cannot escape our sight. It’s much easier to interact with your baby now than it was a few weeks ago. We can photograph the first teeth, moments of euphoric laughter and attempts to play independently with children’s toys.

These baby sitter photoshoots usually take between an hour and an hour and a half to complete. On your lap or in your arms, your baby feels most comfortable. The photos from such sessions are full of emotion and closeness.

Toddler Photoshoot Age 1-3 yeaR old

Child will begin exploring the world around them or as soon as he or she feels confident on their feet. Photo sessions with children These young models tend to be very intense and rarely follow their parents’ schedules. Often, our young models don’t want to play with their parents. Yet they are more interested in exploring the world and playing according to their own rules. Usually with a stick in their hand. Choose a secluded place with plenty of space if you want to do an outdoor toddler photoshoot. It could be a safe spot in a nearby park. Stop thinking of this as a photo session. Don’t worry about your child not cooperating. Be here and now. Play with your child and focus on them. Keep your child entertained by playing peek-a-boo or chasing him/her if he/she enjoys it. At this stage of development, your child wants to do things his/her own way. There is no point in forcing children to sit or cuddle in a particular place. Moments of hugs, kisses and interactions are very brief during these sessions. In spite of this, I still manage to capture your true connection, laughter, love, and fun. 

I enjoy working with toddlers. These types of sessions are demanding, and I often feel sore in my legs afterwards. Although, it is wonderful to see how children’s characters change and keep their spirits in photographs.

children's Photography with 4-10 years old

In order to have a successful photoshoot with children aged 4-10 years old, we must keep them in the spotlight and include them in activities, which will allow them to burn off their energy. As they move, I can capture pictures expressing sincere emotions and moods. During my family photoshoots, I like to keep the kids entertained with my favourite games, which you can read about here. When it comes to photoshoots with children this age, it is sometimes a challenge for them to follow instructions. However, as a mother of three myself, I am well-versed in handling all kinds of situations and moods. 

A child’s photo shoot is unpredictable, so the camera must always be ready at all times. Here, there is no time for tinkering with settings or corrections. It’s possible to create some of the most memorable photos right after the session begins. 

When children are having fun, they are more likely to pose, so we take advantage of this. Don’t be surprised if you have stiff muscles the next day after the session. You are an essential part of a successful photo shoot, therefore you need to participate in activities with your children. Parks and playgrounds are ideal places to stimulate their natural energy. Child’s spontaneous behavior guarantees authentic emotions captured in the lens. 

Teenager Photography

Teenagers tend to be more cautious around cameras than their younger peers. In photoshoots with this age group of children, there may be more posing involved. The younger generation is much more concerned with the way they look and wishes to have stylish photos taken. 

Collaboration is the key to a successful photoshoot with teenagers. It will take them a little while to feel at ease. We spent the whole session walking, talking about your child’s passions, recent trips, and other things they love. There is nothing teens love more than talking about their hobbies, hopes, ambitions, and dreams. It creates a feeling of energy and excitement that really shows in the portraits.  

Glasgow Childrens' Photography

Children’s portrait photography also allows for a great deal of creativity. Shooting from different perspectives or using interesting props allows for more depth in the image. Check out some of my work, and if you are interested in more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me. No matter how big or small your question is, I will be glad to answer it. There is no such thing as a silly question.

It is my hope that this short text will encourage you to consider taking photos of your child/children. There is no such thing as two identical sessions, as every child and family is unique in their own way. Now is the time to capture your child as it is! 

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