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“- Mark Darcy: I like you, very much.
– Bridget Jones: Ah, apart from the smoking and the drinking, the vulgar mother and… ah, the verbal diarrhea.
– Mark Darcy: No, I like you very much. Just as you are.”

Are you wondering what Bridget Jones has to do with the family & motherhood photography? Well, just like Mark Darcy unconditionally in love with Brigdet, just like your children think you are the greatest, most beautiful woman in the world. “just as you are!!!”

In the spirit of upcoming Mother’s Day, I would like to bring here a topic why you should exist in photos. How many photographs do you have with your kids? Images where you look at your child with a smile on your face and love in your eyes. Real proof of your unconditional love? 

In most cases, when it comes to documenting family life, we, mums became family’s photographer. Mums are the ones behind the camera, snapping the photos that end up in family photo albums. In consequence we extract our very presence from that family memories.

On other hand, we women are very self-conscious about our appearance, aren’t we?

“I hate having my photos taken” “I’m not photogenic” – is this sound familiar? 

Can you catch yourself refusing to be photographed because you are not at your “best”, with hair unwashed with tired eyes. The truth is that we mums are too hard for ourselves. We are so critical of our own appearance but rarely spot any imperfection in others. If you can relate to those reasons why you are not often photographed check below. Why it is so important for you to exist in your family photographs. 

You are Beautiful as you are!

For your kids you are the most wonderful woman on the planet. With cuddles when they are sad, with good words when needed. That’s what is the most important for them, that you are always there for them, during days and nights. They simply don’t care if you are 10 pounds heavier or without make-up. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You are the most beautiful woman in your child’s eyes anyway. So don’t make any excuses.

In 20 year those photographs become real proof of your motherly love.

Your family story is incomplete without you on photograph!

You are the brain and hearts behind all your family daily routines, family trips, picnics, crafts and meals. You are the most important part of your family. Being invisible on the photographs is like showing the real story of your family. 

Photographs are visible proof you were for your kids! Evidence of your love! Your everyday moments, that’s the moments and gestures your children wish to see in the future. Time when they spend on your laps and nestled within your embrace. When reading the story, brushing tangled hair or just washing teeth together. 

Show yourself on the photographs during those small snippets of your casual life. Days you looked tired or frazzled as well as those days filled with happiness.It is a reality. Motherhood and childhood are filled with highs and lows. Including both perspectives provides a more accurate depiction that you children deserve to see.

There is no better time!!!

Women refuse being photographed regardless of their age. Whatever you are fresh first time mummy or mum of adults already. We all like to look great. But, time passes and you never be younger. There is no better time to take pictures of yourself with your kids then now. Please don’t let second chin or eyes bugs stop you from being part of your family memories. Both for your kids and for yourself.

When I became a mother myself I started to look for those photographs from my childhood which would show my mother as well, not just me and my siblings. After nearly 30 years, when I could relate to her motherhood experience those photos of us together became priceless for me. I wanted to see the images of her holding me as a baby, her arms around my tiny body. 

Unfortunately, I don’t have any even one single picture with my mum, not counting posing images taken during family gatherings. She was always refusing to be photographed too concerned about her appearance or she was behind the camera. Now, she regrets it, as her legacy as a mother wasn’t documented at all.

Don’t make this same mistake.

Photographs display in your homes help to increase your children Self-esteem

Would you believe that displaying your family photographs in your home can significantly increase your child’s self-esteem? Yes it is true. The research shows that photographs help to give children a deep and unshakeable sense of belonging.

Each picture hanging on the wall or displayed in the albums is etched in your children’s memory. Even though they were too young to recall actually being in any of those photos. It’s a physical proof that these things happened to them. It illustrates your kids’ place in your family and strong relationship with you.

On the other hand, by being visible in the pictures with you children teach them self love and confidence.


Motherhood Photographs are really proof of your love and affection!

Motherhood photographes are the real proof of your all-encompassing love you have to your kids and show the evaluation of your journey as a mother.

Raising children comes with great joy but is also very challenging, hard work. No one deserves it more than you to be shown in your family. One day when you get older and your kids become parents themself to will have much more time than now. Let’s imagine, evenings with a family album from your kids childhood became a real time capsule to get back to these days. 

Photographs are not your ink on the paper. Holding it in your hand you will be able memorise the scene out of the picture with all your senses. You will hear small feet on the wooden floor, flavour of pancakes you made that day. All those faded memories fill you up again. You will be able to get wrapped yourself with all these memories.

So you see, when your children get older those photographs of you and your kids become this same priceless for you as for them. Motherhood photoshoot is an ideal way to get time with your child or children.

Mom, is never too late to start existing in photos with your family. I hope this Mothers Day to treat yourself with extra images!

It’s a sad fact that we mums have to make a special effort to be in photos. I hope all above reasons encourage you to be a more visible part of our extraordinary family in the photographs.

top tips How to exist in family photos more

Arrange Professional Photography Session

Motherhood photos are a perfect way to capture candid moments with your child in full embrace. Those types of sessions are focused on showing tender love, authentic connection captures in emotional-filled images. It is a perfect treat to yourself to document your motherhood journey.

Let your partner be your family photographer

I think it is as much as important to photograph yourself with your children regardless of what you look like, what you are wearing or even how you feel that day.

Hand the camera to your husband. Ask him to be a family photographer for a couple of minutes every time you go for a walk, when you bake with your kids or just when you read a story together.

I don’t know from what reason husbands are truly the worst photographer. My husband is the worst photographer ever. Don’t get me wrong, I love him much and I really appreciate this willingness of taking photos of me and kids together. But this is true, he cannot take a good picture. I have explained to him hundreds of times the rule of three, the light and right angles to take a good photo – still without satisfying results. 

Nearly every time he takes a picture my double chin comes out in full force, my forehead is a size of airport. My guy is not definitely a photographer but that’s ok. I let go of the idea of a perfect photo of my kids and me while ago but I still appreciate those photos he takes. Photography isn’t not an easy thing.

I encourage you to let it go as well. Being a tangible presence in the photo, even if it’s a bit blurry with the angle that makes you look not as you wished, it is more important than achieving the perfect shot from behind the lens.

Ask a stranger!

Ask a stranger to snap your photo when you are with your kids. Don’t forget to check the back of the camera and readily ask them to reshoot if you don’t like what they got for you. Believe me Most people would be more than happy to take extra photos for you. It simply never hurts to ask and you truly are not being that much of a bother.


Invest in tripod and selfie-remote control. Then, arrange “mummy & kids” photo time capturing your everyday life. The quiet moment as well as the not-so-perfect moments of your daily life. In order to document your life story in an authentic manner.

Selfie will do as well

Better something than nothing, So next time you snap a photo of your little one’s milestone, flip that phone around and get a selfie of both of you as well.

Print your photos

Print your photos! Your memories are not replaceable! You have no idea what technology is not reliable. You don’t know what it is going to look like next 20 years from now. If you want to have a guarantee that your children and grandchildren have pictures of you, make sure to get prints! I would advise you to keep them safely stored away from heat and humidity, and use a professional printing laboratory as they use high quality photo paper which won’t fade within a few years.


It is never too late to start existing in photos with your family. I hope this Mothers Day is a good reason to pass a mobile phone or your camera to your partner. So he could take pictures of you with your kids or book your Motherhood Photoshoot. Get in front of the camera and enjoy this time! Today moments became memories tomorrow and you won’t be able to get back to the moment until you have proof in photographs. So live, cherish, and exist in those moments for yourself, your children, and for the future generation. Happy Mother’s Day 2021!

are you ready to make some memories?

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