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Our Big and vibrant city is full of interesting atractions. The list of things to do with kids in Glasgow is endless. I love to take my kids for walks around the city so they can get a better sense of Glasgow’s history and culture. For me – Mum with a camera – this is another great opportunity to capture our family time. Freeze our memories in frames.  Those places in Glasgow scream: take a picture here! 

Let’s face it, there are more than just 5 regions, and soon there will be a larger section of “interesting” places and things to do in Glasgow for families on my blogs. Random order. 

You’ll find here children-friendly museums, amazing local parks, fascinating walking tours full of history and fun, not just for kids. Most of Glasgow’s attractions are free of charge, with handy car parks. 

Today I will try to encourage you to visit 5 interesting outdoor places for a great family day out. Don’t forget to take pictures during your trip. Below you will find some little hints on how to photograph your children with a wow effect. So, let’s dive in ….

5 intresting places and things to do with kids in glasgow

  1. Glasgow Botanic Garden
  2. Finnieston Crane 
  3. The University of Glasgow (Cloisters)
  4. Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum
  5. Glasgow Science Centre

One of my favourite places in the whole city. Take a breath from the noise of the streets and the hustle and bustle of busy crowds. Located on the Kelvin River based in the West End. The huge number of plants with intriguing shapes and the structural elements of the buildings themselves make virtually every corner a “perfect candidate” for photography. Picturesque and relaxed this region is a serene quiet oasis where you get lost in the heart of a lively city.

A little hint: try using plants as a kind of leafy frame. The green element of the plant, like the leaves, enters the frame slightly. But you sharpen the image on the figures, which will cause the frame to be slightly blurred resulting in some interesting and different images.

Play with perspective. Lower your position to photograph from a low height above the ground. A photo taken from the perspective of your child’s eyes will be like stepping into their world.

2. Finnieston Crane on the River Clyde

Absolutely impressive with its size standing at 53 meters high it towers over the port buildings. Perfect for playing with scale using the construction in the background or various props. A balloon, a soft toy or a small car? The possibilities are endless.

Hint: this place changes dynamically under the influence of daylight. It can be worth visiting them both at dawn, at noon and just before sunset for truly fascinating results.

3. The University of Glasgow

Who hasn’t admired the interior of the Hogwarts inspired School of Magicians in Harry Potter? The interiors of the University are very similar to those we saw in the movies. Glasgow University is a very rewarding site for photography. History and culture shine through in images. At any time of day in any season this location is truly impactful in a session.

Hint: A trip of this type allows you to spread the wings of your imagination. If you watch one of the first films a few days prior, and then visit the University together (attention, guided tours), you will suddenly take you or your children into the world of imagination. You are giving this place an extra dimension that can trigger many spontaneous reactions from children who are just waiting to be captured in photos.

Using the gold & red Gryffindor scarf as an additional prop is sure to be a great accessory and result in a precious image.

4. Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

Located in the West End and surrounded by the beautiful Kelvingrove Park and right on the banks of the Kelvin River, this museum is simply awe inspiring due to its sheer architecture. There are over a million exhibits within the gallery’s collection. Special interactive and multimedia exhibitions are available for the youngest of children. A large variety of animal specimens, a prehistoric section for any dinosaur fan, and an Egyptian section. Everything that can evoke real euphoria on a child’s face in one place. Isn’t a great place with endless things to do with kids in Glasgow? 

Hint: keep your camera handy in this location as anything can happen.

Photographs can be taken in most sections of the museum however flash use is forbidden.

5. Glasgow Science Centre

The world of science can literally hypnotise a child.

My recommendation: Planetarium and Science Show Theatre. However, if your child is under 7 then… exhibition: THE BIG EXPLORER. After all, anyone may want to build their own wind-powered car or become captain on a ship’s bridge. The whole area is designed to be a fun learning experience for all.

Hint: The Science Centre offer children’s birthday party packages. For ages 3-7years old there is a minimum of 10 and maximum of 15 children and for children aged 8-12 years old it’s a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 24 children.

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