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Pet Photography in Glasgow? I’m getting more and more inquiries from clients and if you can involve your four-legged friend to the session. I always say: Yes! A pet photography session with a dog or other pet is possible. What’s more, I believe that every pet usually is treated as a family member, so they can definitely take part in your session.

Regardless of whether it is an engagement session, pregnancy, family or even a new-born photoshoot. A pet photography photo session with a dog or cat is a great legacy for years. 

professional pet photography via your mobile phone photos

Your phones are more than likely overloaded with photos of your pets. However, such photos from a professional photo session will show not only your pet, but also your deep bond and connection that you share with one another. Such photos are great for hanging on the wall, and after many years they bring back memories of the time spent with your best friend. As with any session, preparation is the key to success.

So how do you prepare for a session with your pet?

5tips for stunning pet photography in Glasgow

1. Consider a convenient location:

First of all, we should consider a suitable, safe place for sessions. I would advise you to choose quiet places where your pet can wander safely without restrictions

2. Prepare your pet for photoshoot

Take time to prepare your pet for the session. Groom them and make sure your pets’ eyes are clean and clear, especially certain breeds that are prone to tear stains. 

3. Bring a treat and a favourite toy

Use the special treats you would normally allow your pet to be given, for the session. Something delicious that your pet is familiar with and knows how to work for it.

Don’t forget to bring your dog’s favourite toy that has special meaning and that you wish to capture in the photos.

4. Go with the flow:

Don’t punish your pet and don’t stress if your pet’s not doing what you ask or is being stubborn. Always remember, unpredictability is normally half the fun of pet photography sessions. We won’t need to do anything by force. The session should first of all be fun for all of us and your pet. In order for the session to be pleasant and the happiness to appear on your pet’s face, we would treat it as fun and an opportunity to spend time together.

5. Select the appropriate photographer

Let’s also consider choosing the right photographer for your pet photography in Glasgow. Pay attention not only to the photos the photographer takes. But also to whether she/he has experience and an appropriate approach to working with animals. It will be better for you and your pet to work with a kind animal loving individual. Who understands your animal’s possibilities and limitations and will take care of your pet’s emotions during a session. Your pet doesn’t have to be a master of tricks or obedience.


Glasgow pet photographer

A session with any animal can be challenging, but this can prove to be a wonderful experience with some fantastic results.A photo session with pets can also be a great and unusual gift idea for an admirer of dogs, cats or any animal.

The most important element for me during the session with pets is to capture the tender moments between you and your pet. Happy movements. Tail wags. And other facial expressions that envelope joy to be with you. 

I hope that you will decide to participate in the session with your favourite pet\pets! Not only can this session be a souvenir for life, but also a fantastic experience for you and your pet.


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