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family photoshoot with teenagers girls at the glasgow Cathedral

Family photoshoot  with teenagers is challenging as older children became shy in front of the camera than younger kids. In this blog you will find  tested tips how to get people within this age group more exited and invested in the photo session.

Collaboration - the key to the successful photoshoot with teenagers

The secret to making photoshoot experience relaxed and fun is collaboration. Before the session I gather information about your children’s interests and this is a key to start the shoot. The whole session we spent out and about enjoying family walks, talking about your child’s passions, your recent trips, things you love. Teens love to share their hobbies, hopes, ambitions and dreams. It creates energy and true enthusiasm that truly shines through in the portraits. Exploring the outdoor location this way leads to plenty of laughter and amazing photos of everyone, all without feeling over-conscious. 

the importance of taking photos with teenager children

Photographing families is of special importance to me, especially photoshoot with teenagers. I see the tendency of taking enormous amounts of images of our children when they are babies and toddlers. With time as they grow up the number of pictures taken decreases. Older children don’t change month by month as pre-schoolers and it’s so easy to split a family photoshoot to the bottom of the ever-growing mission list-to-do. 

I believe it’s so important to have family photos at every stage of your children’s lives. Because one day, when your children get to the stage to leave the family house and live independently, you’ll love to have beautiful photos of them to look through and recall memories of how they were at every stage of their childhood. Very often the photos I take will be one of the few in the album where the whole family are captured together. Every day we take photos of our children, our relatives and each other. Usually, the photos are taken by a parent  who in effect are absent from the photo. 

Therefore, it is recommended if you can, ordering a family session from a photographer who has experience in photographing families and children. Moreover, worth noting that often opting for outdoor sessions, creates fantastic results. Whilst outdoors we will spend time together, creating the ideal backdrop and my aim is to make sure that our time will result in a unique setting in the form of beautiful family photos. 

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Family Photoshoot with Teenagers Girls at the St Mungo Cathedral Glasgowhoot

I was over the moon when Mum – Sylwia contacted me to book an outdoor family photoshoot with teenagers – two girls – Iga and Maya. I believe there were plenty of other things the girls would rather have been doing on Saturday afternoon. But I was pleased that they admitted afterwards they had enjoyed our shoot time. 

This family session was a combination of a family session and a portrait session for Iga who had her First Holy Communion a few days earlier. Which I had the honour of photographing. 

I met Sylwia, Mathew, Maya and Iga on a sunny but frosty afternoon close to St Mungo Cathedral. Against the backdrop of the beautiful, soft light of the setting sun, breath-taking architecture, and a wonderful golden autumn we began our session. During fall, this area of Glasgow becomes even more magical. The perfect place for outdoor sessions and one of my favourite locations in the city. 

At the beginning of each session, it is known that parents and teens are often stressed or anxious about the session. However, usually after a few minutes of conversation the tension disappears. When walking and talking and relaxing into your surroundings with your loved ones you soon forget that you’re being photographed. 




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