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Glasgow Family photography at home

How do you feel about having your family photos taken at your home?

Would you mind booking your a photoshoot  for you and your family taken at your home?

As parents, as the years goes by the simplest moments of joy are what we miss the most. Family photo shoots are a great way to take a break from your busy lives and do what you like most as a family. Enjoy a lazy day on the couch, playing puzzles, cuddling and just being together. Without the everyday rush and guilt, there is still a mountain of clothes to iron.

Family photography is about connection and there’s no better place to emphasise it than being in your home

Check out this blog for all the reasons why family photography at home are so cool.


7 REASON FOR HAVING your family photoshoot at home

1.Comfortable as wherever else

Your home. It’s the place where you feel comfortable, safe, and natural. More like yourself.

For families with newborns and young kids, family photography at home is the most convenient option. The kids know every corner and this is where they feel the most relaxed. It’s in a family atmosphere that the finest photos come out, full of naturalness, warmth, and closeness.

Plus, when you feel good, you look good – right? I’ve found that my clients look the most confident in their homes. Why? Because they’re comfortable! Parents, especially mums can feel uncertain about how they look and how to pose with kids. Whereas sitting comfortably on their couch or in bed and cuddling comes naturally to them, thus creating magical photos – and moments! I won’t pose you during my home photo session. You don’t have to smile stiffly. I wait patiently for the right moment when it happens naturally. Then snap and captured.


2.Convinient - Less hustles and everything in your hands reach

Your home is convenient – and convenience is key. By booking a family photography at home, you get rid of a few worries right away. Family sessions at home save you time. No need to get everyone ready as I’m coming to you.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about what to bring. There is no need to pack stuff or waste time travelling to a photo shoot location. You don’t have to worry about forgetting anything. And the weather doesn’t affect your session.

You’ve got everything you need right at your fingertips. Baby wipes, snacks, changing clothes, and favourite toys.

I think the home family  photoshoot is perfect, especially if you’ve just had a baby. Your body might feel exhausted, breastfeeding might be difficult, or you might be suffering after a Caesarean. When that happens, at-home photoshoots are so convenient.

Moreover, there are no time constraints! Shooting family photos at home is possible at any time of the day. This may be crucial for fussy newborns or first-time parents. When you schedule a shoot outside, we are highly dependent on the weather.

3. One place – endless variety of backgrounds

You might think your house is boring place for taking photos. There’s nothing more wrong!

It’s impossible to run out of backdrops in your house. There is a couch in your living room, an armchair next to the window, a bed in your bedroom, and a kitchen. All you have to do is take a couple of steps. Let’s imagine your livingroom… You can sit on the sofa and read Graffalo books. You can lie on the carpet and play wooden trains. You can play hide-and-seek behind the couch or under the table. Or play guitar together. During the in-home lifestyle photoshoot, I have an opportunity to capture activities that your family enjoys doing or does on a regular basis.

During the in-home lifestyle photoshoot, I have an opportunity to capture activities that your family enjoys doing or does on a regular basis. Tickles and cuddles on the bed, reading books together, playing Lego, jumping on the bed or making cupcakes? What does your family love to do at home together? Such daily activities that you do together are the best souvenir, as it shows your everyday life and personality.

4. Heart of your unique story

Where did your baby take his words or first steps? Where does your child lost first tooth? Family photographs taken in your home write your own family story because it’s the backdrop to so many milestones in life. No one will have a set of images similar to yours. Your house décor is unique to you. 

Believe me, “there’s no place like home!” 


5. meaningful props

Are there any pictures from your childhood that you remember? Old furniture, wallpaper with your drawings on, your first toys. Every intricate detail in your home tells a story about you and your family. These family pictures will bring back memories one day. Reminisce about your child’s first dummy, first teddy bear, baby crib times, or the ballet slippers that your daughter wore to her first ballet class? It’s all these seemingly small details that eventually become really big, and they deserve a spot in your photo album.

6. EASy Going and fun

Your home is your  safe zone and your sanctuary. It presents an easygoing and relaxing atmosphere that resonates in photos. Everyone is at ease in a space they know so well.

Family photoshoot at home it’s fun! I’ve found that my clients’ homes bring out the positivity in people – especially in kids. That makes it easy to capture the excitement of seeing your family in their natural element.

7. Family quality time

 At home family photography has one more an unexpected consequence – it’s a great quality family time. A lifestyle family photoshoot is approximately 2 hours  for you and your children for nothing but playing around, cuddles, and laughs. Normally something that families don’t make time for in busy everyday life. Deciding to invest in a family photoshoot doesn’t just provide images that you can reflect on forever, but it helps you carve out quality family time in your own home.

There is one main goal in lifestyle family photography: to capture your family everyday moments that you wish you could hold on to forever. 

The outcome creates unpredictable and real photos with meaning! These are the photographs you will cherish for generations to come as you share the beautiful story of your family.

are yor ready to make some memories

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