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brothers look through the window with a Christmas tree next to them

Why to take your own family Christmas pictures? There’s something so magical about December. We are surrounded by Christmas cheers and spirit everywhere. There is no end to Christmas carols playing on the radio, which we unconsciously hum under our breath. The streets are decked out with Christmas decorations. It is almost impossible to go anywhere these days without seeing a Christmas tree and Santa Claus dressed up. With Christmas just around the corner, it’s impossible to forget.

CHristmas Spirit

Why to take your own family Christmas pictures?

Christmas is a time of mudness, full of preparations: presents to buy, houses to clean, gingerbread to make… How can we not get totally overwhelmed? Is there any way to make this time warm and joyful – and make us remember it forever? The only answer is: Pictures!

Are you thinking I’m crazy? 🙂 Who else would have time to take family pictures in all this… However, I’m not insane – my plan for December will follow shortly. 

Christmas - time of firsts

Christmas is different, so that’s why it’s so special. It may be your first Christmas together as a family, with a new member. The first Christmas when the whole family gathers around the dinner table. The first Christmas in a new apartment/house. The first Christmas when the children baked their own cookies. I could go on and on about the “first” ones. However, what is most important to remember is that time moves fast and these “first” moments shouldn’t be lost.

That’s why I urge you now to take pictures! Make sure you document this Christmas time! Get into the habit of taking photos every day; let it become your springboard and routine. How then? Are you up to the challenge? 🙂 Here are some ideas and tips I have for you for Christmas photos to make it easier for you.

Your are your family best Christmas photographer

Although you can take nice family Christmas photos done by a professional photographer. Christmas mini photo sessions become more and more popular. However, the hired photographer will not be with you nonstop to capture your family’s every moment.  At Christmas, you will be the best photographer for your children and family to capture your family’s personality. Your family unique holiday traditions. True family portraits. Below are a few simple tips on how to take cool family pictures of your own children during the holidays 😉


Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine this special time of year. Imagine your ideal Christmas holidays or recall your Christmas childhood memories. Which images, flavours, and smells remind you of Christmas time? When I close my eyes, I see snow, a Christmas tree, baubles, and cotton wool spread on the branches. A wooden basket filled with nuts and tangerines, a wreath of cones and candles. It smells like gingerbread, dried fruit compote, pine forest, and clementines.

As a result, the photos aim to create a festive mood, to stimulate the imagination, to convey the flavours and smells associated with this special time of year. Therefore, when I decorate my house, I use my memories to choose Christmas ornaments, colours and accessories.

TIPs FOr getting your Family Christmas pictures

TIP1: Photograph emotions

Surprise, joy, concentration, surprise, anger, curiosity, fatigue. There will be plenty of them over the holidays, and that’s what it’s all about. However, there is only one “but”. Since emotions last for a short time, you need to always keep your camera ready. However, a toddler’s moment of finding presents under the Christmas tree happens only once a year. 

TIP 2: capture both posed and candid moments at Christmas photos

In order to take successful family photos, everyone must forget about the camera and have fun together. Here, jokes, games with children, and louder music will be useful. Taking family pictures should be a joyful experience.

TIP 3: Document your family everyday life

There is no doubt about it – it will make you smile later. Do you worry about the mess in your home? As soon as you get the hang of it, the children will bring another ton of toys to the newly cleaned place. Are you familiar with it? Yes, me too.

And you know what? We will forget about such a mess in a few years – and if we stop worrying about it and take a family pictures of it – then in a few years we will remember it with a smile on our lips and in our hearts.

TIP 4: Engage with kids

To take successful Christmas pictures of children, it is important to play with them, gradually encourage them, stimulate their imaginations, and gain their trust. Find out what the children want to do and create a situation where they can prove themselves. We take the best family  photos when everyone is having a good time.”

TIP 5 your Christmas Photos doesn't need to be perfect!

In the Christmas rush, don’t expect to snap a picture like that on Pinterest. Okay, maybe one in a million will succeed. 

However, we aren’t talking about perfect pictures here. but about real, true family photos. There is no need for it to be like one from a catalogue or advertisement.

in Christmas chaos it’s hard to get a good family photos but the emotions and magical moments are worth stopping! 

TIP 6: Create a Christmas mood at home

Go crazy with decoration.  Aside from Christmas trees, there are so many amazing decorations you can use. Light cinnamon and gingerbread candles and decorate the door with a wreath. Make your glass even cooler by spraying snow on it. It’s a perfect background for your family Christmas holiday photos. You just need to document it! Take pictures of details, and decorations – after all, this is how your apartment looks this year – for Christmas :).

TIP 7: Use Christmas gadgets

Adding a Santa hat to a photo is the easiest way to make it look festive (before the toddler takes it off). All those things that remind you of Christmas and what you decorate your home with for the holidays will also be great choices: baubles (rather than glass…), reindeer-shaped cuddly toys, stars, bells, lanterns, candlesticks.

TIP 8: Christmas colour palette

I love greens, reds and whites together. These are the colours that symbolize Christmas. There is white snow, gingerbread frosting, a tablecloth, and red Christmas tableware on the table. The green of a pine forest or mistletoe twigs. Polish borscht, a Santa suit, and swaying baubles on the Christmas tree. Chocolate-covered brown gingerbread with nuts in a basket. It’s a dark night, the sky is full of stars, and children are looking for their first golden star. Bright, warm light from Christmas lamps and candlelight.

Your photos will appear calmer and more harmonious if you limit the number of colours. Rather than forcing another colour into the frame, it is better to repeat a given one.

TIP 10: Get outside!

Shoot outdoors! You have endless list of possibilities: Christmas Tree Farm, Christmas Market, Forest. Show on your family photos what the weather is like this holiday season. Maybe you are lucky and it’s snow. Building a snowman together, having a snowball fight, catching falling snowflakes with your tongue, or shaking snow off a tree… be there – with a camera of course 🙂 and remember – low iso, short time – 1/500 for running children, flying snowballs and falling from snow trees will be suitable!


TIP 10: You don't need a professional fancy camera

Take Christmas photos with what you have at hand – mobile, tablet, whatever. Pictures from Christmas (and not only) are about the moment, about feelings, about memories. Technical quality is much less important. You’re not shooting competition. A blurry photo can still be meaningful. 

11. search for new perspective

Remember when photographing children bend to their eyes lever. But don’t be scared to try new perspective. Get on the chair and take pictures from the top of your Christmas tree. Look for reflection: mirrors, baubles, windows or over door.

TIP 12: Wide angle and close ups

Capture as many different Christmas photos as possible. Wide angles family portraits and close ups photos of details. Take multiple images to have a chance to pick the best. 

Use portrait mode to blur the photos background.

TIP 13: Light your friend

We say NO flash! During day time use natural light. In the evening use Christmas  lights and candles as a sort of your light.

TOP 14 Right composition? Rule of third or central

Your Christmas photos should tell a story, to enhance it use the rule of third or central composition. More about rule of third here.

Let's Capture your own family Christmas pictures

Every Christmas holiday season is unique, regardless of how rooted you are in tradition. It happens only ones! That is why it is worth photographing fleeting moments of family fun and Christmas gatherings. 

For a child, Christmas is magical and special. Snap a Christmas picture of yourself with kids while baking gingerbread cookies, decorating the Christmas tree, or cleaning the room. Plan on making Christmas tree chains or decorations for the house together. Picture your toddler next to the Christmas tree with his aunt/grandparents. A few years from now, it will be these seemingly insignificant stories that are the most touching.

Unposed shots should include events that are important to you and your family members. Besides decorating a tree and unpacking presents, there are trips to the fair, dinner preparation, cards to sign, emotions surrounding the meeting with Santa Claus and many other things important to your family. Always keep your camera handy to snap family portraits.


1. decorating Christmas tree

2. baking ginger buiscits

3. all the stockings hung in the a row

4. family with Santa hats

5. kids laying under the Christmas tree

6. kids watching Turkey in the over

7. writing letters to Santa

8. reading of the Christmas story

9. Christmas socks

10. drinking hot chocolate

11. Santa milk and cookies

12. favourite Christmas treats

13. Christmas crowns

14. Christmas crackers

15. when watching Christmas movies

16. Christmas cards ready to mail

17. Christmas dinner preparation

18. all the presents under the Christmas tree

19. addressing Christmas cards

20. Christmas wreath hunting on the front door

21. Christmas baking together

22. holiday to-do-list

23. building a snowman

24. the Christmas tree lit up

25. kids hanging baubles

26. opening presents

27. cleaning house 

28.visiting Christmas Markets

29. carousel ride

30. whole family eating grilled mashmallows

31. doing a Christmas crafts

32. all dressed up for a holiday party

33. wrapping Christmas gifts

34. kids with reindeers

35. visiting Santa’s Grotto

36. kids in the line waiting to see Santa

38. kids on the Santa laps

39. watching Kevin Alone at Home

39. advent calendar

40. family trip to Christmas panto

41. photo in from of the Christmas tree

42. the star or Angel at the top of the tree

43. kids at the nativity play

44. playing in the snow

45. Christmas shopping

46. Christmas store displays

47. a kiss under the mistlone

48. children asleep on Christmas Eve

49. Christmas meal

50. footprints in the snow


51. ice skating

52. eating gingerbread cookies

53. singing carols

54. with snow globe

55. a cup of hot chocolate

56. milk mustache

57. kids looking throw the window

58. children enjoying their new toys

59. family in Christmas PJ’s

60. gathering around the fireplace

61. winter walk in snow

62. snow ball fight

63. go sledding

64. whole family withChristmas mugs

65. wrapped in Christmas lights

66. family members with flannels

67. visit to Christmas Tree farm

68, cutting your own Christmas Tree

69. winter accessories: hats, scarf and gloves

70. red berets

71. blowing snow

72. walk in the forest

73. leg shots with Christmas socks

74. your favourite Christmas decoration

75. Christmas card photo 


There are a lot of Christmas photo ideas here, but don’t let that scare you off. Choosing 20 of them is a good place to start. Next year, try some other Christmas photo ideas. Having a few family shots at Christmas time is always better than nothing. December is an intense month, let’s face it. Taking Christmas photos often falls to the bottom of our to-do lists. After a long day of missions, it’s the last thing we want to do to take pictures. It’s understandable, I know. Even so, I challenge you! Show me your great photos too!

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