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in-home newborn photography Glasgow with three weeks old baby boy

in-home newborn photoshoot glasgow

Newborn Photography Glasgow


in-home newborn photoshoot with 3 weeks old franek

I’m going to share with you one of my in-home newborn photo shoots today. I shoot wonderful family of three Magda, Marcin, and baby Franek (Franio/Franciszek).

According to studio newborn photographers, newborn photography should be done within the first 14 days of a baby’s life. My baby photography is natural and relaxed, focusing on your baby and your family bond.  So when booking your family photography with me as your photographer I won’t give you a time frames for your newborn baby session. Sometimes newborns and their parents need more time just couple of days to get used to a new routine. Whenever you’re ready, I’m happy to meet with you

I photographed Franek’s newborn photos when he was over 3 weeks old. 

The first time I met this couple was during an outdoor pregnancy photoshoot at Cardowan Moss in Glasgow in January 2021. The story behind their photography can be found here. This couple was a blast to work with. The positive energy was flowing from them. Feels like I’ve known them forever.

After giving birth to their first boy at the end of March, I visited them again for newborn photos. 

My favourite part of the job is seeing the development of families that have the chance to be photographed during maternity sessions and then during newborn sessions. The transformation from a couple full of passion and positive energy to loving parents. My adventure with you usually begins with a pregnancy session. Maternity photography session helps you preserve this expecting time in beautiful digital images.Every couple dreams of the day when they finally meet their long-awaited baby. 

In the first 9 months of pregnancy, you prepare yourself for the role of being a parent.  By attending birth classes. Consuming every parenting book you can get your hands on. Stay up-to-date on pregnancy tracing applications and the development of your baby. 

Our pregnancy session and in-home newborn photoshoot brought me back to the time when I was an expectant mother. Together, we can share experiences from this waiting time. It brings back memories of when my husband and I were expecting our first baby.



Newborn Photography

Studio Photographer or Home Newborn Photography?

When the little newborn appears in the world. In a moment, your whole world changes its value. the long-awaited little baby with the first seconds becomes the whole world for you.

It not supriced me lot’s of families aim to book newborn session for their newborn baby. You have wide choice of newborn photographers. In Glasgow City Centre you can find at least 10 places photographing babies. Our styles and prices vary.

First you should consider what style is closer to your heart – posed studio photography in Glasgow or natural style of baby photo shoot captured in your home.

As newborn photographer, I am visiting you in the comfort of your home for an in-home newborn session. I have a the chance listen your birth story, discuss babies feeding challenges and to watch you how natural learn and build your confidence as a new parents. How alert you are, noticing slight changes in your newborn mood.   

The arrival of a child is full of so many emotions: love, excitement, but also full of sleepless nights, endless crying of a child, understanding your baby’s needs, your own doubts and exhaustion. This might not be the easiest time in your life although the most memorable. I know what you are going through. I experienced it myself three times. There are weak times, but there are also moments when you have the impression that nothing is possible for you. And it will be like that ever since. 

 Newborn photography or family photography gives you an opportunity to capture your true family story in photograph.


The aim of the in-home newborn photography is to capture for you the firsts moments which made you decide to enlarge your family. Your immense love was the beginning of a new life. Sparke of unconditional love and adoration. Your everyday life with a few days/weeks old newborn. Unfortunately, the first months are passing too quickly. Those weeks are unrepeatable. Exceptional. Newborn photos and films are your chance to re-conceive this time and these little moments. 

During my newborn photography session I concentrating on your love gestures and cuteness of the newborn baby. As a lifestyle, natural baby photographer my newborn photography take place in your home, the the baby photography and family photoshoot take place in your living room or the cuddling on the bed in the master bedroom.

I absolutely love stress free, baby-led style of my baby photography as its express in photographs you as you are – new mum and dad obsessed with your just born mericle.

My clients have a choice of three different packages which includes both digital images and photographs prints which you can cherish forever.


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