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Each story has a beginning and my story as a baby photographer in Glasgow offering lifestyle newborn photography Glasgow started with this newborn photography session. So, It won’t surprise you that this newborn session has a special meaning for me. Let’s move back to January 2020 just before the era of Covid. Yes I know I couldn’t choose a better time for starting a newborn photography business. 😉


Have you ever come across a situation where after your first conversation with someone you’ve just encountered for the first time you felt an instant connection. As if you’ve known this person in another lifetime.  And there’s something that just clicks when you’re talking with them? 

I had this unusual yet warm and comfortable easy feeling after the first email I received from Ilango.


Ilango contacted me to request a lifestyle newborn babies photography for her daughter. I couldn’t believe how many things I had in common with Ilango. Our daughters were born on the same day but in different years. We also had a very similar labour experience. 

We clicked straight away.

 Aurora, Ilango’s little daughter, was born prematurely. She had to stay in the hospital a little longer than usual. When the baby and mum returned home, little Aurora was 3 weeks old. 

I visited them at the end of January 2020 on the day of the initial due date at their own house. My little baby model was exactly 4 weeks old. However, she decided to make her appearance in the world a bit early, she was still very tiny. But not as sleepy as is often the case with many newborn babies.

She didn’t sleep for most of the session, and she did not cry once, which was a blessing. Aurora was a very content baby to watch the world go by with curious eyes.


"I don't normally leave reviews but Kinga was just brilliant, I'm so happy I came across her website..the photoshoot was a great experience, Kinga is so lovely and made us feel at ease which is difficult with a newborn. Our wee girl was so calm as well 🥰 our first moment with Aurora precious moments couldn't have been captured any better. The photos are absolutely beautiful!! ❤ We are very very happy with them 😊 💕showing them to everyone they are just beautiful" Illango &Miguel


THEIR REASONS for booking at home Newborn Photography Glasgow ...

As a photographer who’s main focus is babies and kids photography, I couldn’t have asked for a better scenario and ideal subject for a family photos.

Illango booked at home newborn photoshoot for several reasons. Firstly, she noticed how much Aurora had changed in the time they spent together at the hospital. She really wanted to book photography sessions in first days of baby life to capture the sweetness of her newborn baby girl. But due to premature birth, they were still not ready for the lifestyle newborn session. As they had to stay in the hospital longer than initially planned. Life is unpredictable.

Ilango wished her digital images where the evidence of her deep love for her daughter. She wanted to be on the pictures as well.

Secondly, Miguel, Illango’s husband is not a fan of studio photography. He prefers a more relaxed, natural setting for their family photographs to be taken. Home newborn session was more appealing to him. That’s why they preferred to meet in the comfort of their own house. Without worry about getting ready and wasting time for traveling.

Then, they wish to avoid the hustle and bustle of travelling with a newborn and the unsettling stress it could cause little Aurora. At home newborn photography Glasgow was the ideal surrounding allowing them to get natural and warm family bonding shots, ticking all the boxes. 

What is the babies best age for newborn photography session?

Baby photographers says first two weeks but my family photography sessions concentrate on your newborn baby and you as a parents and pictures showing your new family life. During my shoot I don’t pose babies in basket props. But My interest is in capturing you as you are in that moment. If you have more children I want to capture newborn photos full of siblings love. Your hours spend in nursery room feeding your baby. The last thing I want to worry about is if your newborn child is older than 14 days.

As all baby photographers I also suggest to book your newborn photography Glasgow when you are still in pregnant as I got limited number of date available per month for newborns and family photos. Moreover, after the birth you get busy with your baby and you might not find a time to book a photographer.



Lifestyle Newborn and Family Photography Glasgow

At-home family and newborn session images capture the sweetness of the family settling into a new routine after birth. During the session, I use just natural light, and I capture all the details like tiny toes and tiny fingers. Baby yawn. Your baby cuddling in your arm.

Lifestyle newborn session is very relaxed, you can seat in your favourite armchair or cuddle on the bed in your master bedroom with your baby covered with soft blankets.

If you struggle with what to wear, you can read here my guide. Your family clothes should match your house decor.

When YOUR photos are redy -next step of the lifestyle newborn photography

Viewing Appointment

A few weeks after our photo session I met Illango, Miguel and Aurora again for the viewing. (Also worth noting that as soon as the relevant restrictions are lifted and I am permitted, I will return to this form of showing photographs to families). 

There is nothing more valuable to me than the sight of a parent expressing emotion while watching a film with their photographs. It brings me joy and pleasure to be a part of the experience. It gives me such satisfaction to know I’ve achieved my goal. To give a family a precious memory to cherish for many years. 

Lifestyle newborn photography in Glasgow

are you ready to make some memories?

 Please feel free to ask for more details about documenting your baby first moments with you. I would love to chat with you!

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