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How does the 48 hour Fresh Newborn hospital photos look like?

Have you ever heard about 48 hours Fresh – newborn hospital photos? 

The moment your child is born it is life-changing and an emotional experience. The first hours of your baby’s life are the most significant and extraordinary. For you as a parent and for your family as a whole. This special time leaves an imprint throughout your life.  Documenting this special occasion means that the memory won’t ever fade.

The photographs taken during this time of your life will became a visual reminder that can be re- lived over and over.

48 hour fresh newborn hospital photos are a natural and intimate documentary sessions that capture the moments in the most honest and organic way. 48 hour Fresh sessions are held during the first 48 hours of your baby’s life either at the hospital or your home (If you had a home labour).

Fisrt days with your baby

The first days with your baby are the most fleeting. Your baby changes hour by hour, day by day. The  newborn in hospital session results in being able to hold your newborn baby through the eyes of a lens. Exactly as they looked when they first arrived into the world. Such sessions are the perfect way to remember those first days forever.

I personally call these sessions “first time” sessions. During the newborn hospital photos session, I will attempt to record the first milestones of you newborn child. First yawns, first feeding, parents first nappy change, meeting siblings or grandparents and other family for the first time. Detailed shots of your babies tiny little feet, fingers or belly button are a must.

How to get ready to Fresh 48h? -Newborn hospital photos

There is no real need to prepare for this type of session. You don’t need a private room or makeup. The most important thing is your emotions, closeness, and unmanageable tenderness between you and your new born baby.

We also don’t require a lot of space, the space around the hospital bed and the baby crib is sufficient.

As for clothes, I always recommend natural colours, without strong patterns. For mum, a nightgown or a bathrobe is enough. Thanks to the uniform colours, the photos will show what is most important, i.e. your new addition to the family.

These kinds of sessions are the most natural possible. There is no special preparation here, no posing. This will just be me capturing your baby’s new moments in a Fresh natural way.

The first days of your baby’s life become the most treasured memories for you. Therefore this time deserves more than a couple of snaps on your mobile!

Invite me to join you and let me capture for you all these wonderful first moments to cherish forever!!!

What the 48 hours Fresh session includes:

A 30 mins – 1 hour photoshoot at the hospital / your home, along with 25-30 edited images, 10 prints 5″ x7″ on high quality silk paper and a beautiful video on USB whichever you prefer, which features a slide show (including all edited images from your session)

The cost for the above is £200

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