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Pregnancy photoshoot the way to capture your maternity journey.

Your body has changed, creating a safe home for your little baby. Your belly gets rounde each month. Stroking just becomes a habit and second nature to you and one you love. It seems that the next 9 months will go slow. In fact, the last weeks are unbearably long. But believe me, your pregnancy will pass in the blink of an eye. The memories from this period will fade quickly in no time when you become a new mum pending time with your precious new bundle of joy.

A maternity photo session is all about capturing and portraying the beauty of your changing body and the miracle of life itself.

Unfortunately, like during your pregnancy when you suffer from what they call pregnancy brain or brain fog, your memory is not the same. And unable to remind you of what you looked like whilst you were pregnant. The shape of your mummy belly and those days when you had a sparkle in our eye before those sleepless nights.

In a couple of months often one of the most special moments in your life finally becoms blurred in your mind. But capturing such moments in photos during a pregnancy photoshoot is the perfect way to jog your memory. You can help relive these moments in digital and hard copy formats for years to come. You can share those happy times as your baby becomes a toddler, a teen and an adult.

Whether it’s your first, second or third session it is always worth capturing each time. Each pregnancy is different, as are you during each pregnancy too.

In today’s blog I’ve written down 5 reasons why your unique blessed state is worth thinking about perpetuating it for longer.


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1. Your opportunity to be Carefree

All women endure pregnancy differently. Some of us are full of life, enthusiasm and crazy ideas, others do not part with the bathroom and heartburn. However, we all focus on one thing in these nine months – on a wonderful baby, who will soon appear in your embrace! It is, therefore, not surprising that your thoughts are constantly absorbed in preparations for this “big day”. You are often accompanied by a lot of worries. For the health of the baby, For your parenting skills. But also for your future appearance. Maternity photoshoot is a great moment to break away from reality. After all, everyone needs a small reset from time to time 

Pregancy photoshoot is a perfect way to enjoy the moment of that blessing state. Dreaming of the future, forget about worries and your temporary pregnancy inconveniences. During pregnancy photos you have a moment to focus your attention on what is really important.  You and the child. So, relax and let the lens do the work and show your beauty.

2. Feel special

During a maternity session, you can take the time out to focus on yourselves. Look beautiful and feel special. Best of all, you don’t need much for this uniqueness. Your baby bump does the majority of the work. Even more so if you are taken care of by a make-up artist, a hairdresser or even a stylist. Every future mother deserves a moment to show herself and the world that a pregnant woman is worth a million dollars.

(If you wish to book a professional make-up artist let me know I can help you arrange the appointment with a specialist.)

3. These moments are fleeting, grab them while you can

Regardless of whether you already dream about giving birth. You washed all the windows in the house to make it happen as soon as possible. You must agree with the fact that the moment when we feel the heartbeat just below ours is really unique. 

Your memory is not able (unfortunately) to remind you after a while what you looked like with your pregnancy belly and what sparkle in our eye accompanied us then. Memories of your pregnancy fade very fast when you get busy with your precious baby.

One of the most special moments in life finally blur in your heads. Capturing such moments in photos during a pregnancy photoshoot is a big nod towards your memory. 

You can help relive these moments. At the same time, you have a chance to show our happiness from this period to people who have never had a chance to see yet. First of all, your current locator will see these photos one day…

4.A chance to spend time with professional photographers

Professional photo shoot is not the same as taking pictures on your own. No matter whether they are hand-held photos or using a stick, no selfies can beat it!

Have you ever had a professional session? If yes, you know already it is a kind of extraordinary experience. There is so much fun during a session. It’s much more relaxed experienced then you may expect. 

After all these photos are meant to evoke joy and memories for the rest of your life isn’t? Wherever you choose to have glamour posed maternity session at the location or more natural shots at your home. I’ll capture not just the beauty of your baby bump but you in your full embrace. 

Most beautiful, strong, capable, empowered Woman carrying life!

As you can see, a pregnancy photoshoot is much more than just taking photographs. It is an unforgettable adventure, creating and capturing special memories. Remembering what is most important at that time. Loving your second half again. And giving your child the joy of casting over the family album to reveal. “What it was like when I was half gone …”. It is worth preparing for it and, above all, planning it in your often-busy schedule of a pregnant woman. 


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