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Best friends Photoshoot (BFF) as a gift

Have you ever struggled with a birthday present for your best friend?! – Best friends photoshoot perfect gift.

Your best friend is an exceptional person who can be said and counted on in any situation. Therefore, on the occasion of her birthday, Christmas or any other important event, we want to give her something truly amazing. You’ve certainly exhausted your list of items over the years – from perfumes to earrings. It is therefore worth considering something completely alternative that will make her feel really appreciated. Focusing on experiences, instead of material things, I recommend choosing a photo session that will be a great souvenir for a lifetime!

What’s more, depending on your preferences, you can offer a voucher for the female session or go to it together. It will be a special gift for a friend. Years later, it will surely be something to remember!- both the moment of capturing the time spent together and the final effect itself.

Does it sound like something original with a timeless meaning?

Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph the Best Friends. One afternoon in July, I met Claudia and Lucy to capture their authenticity and the uniqueness of their friendship.
This session was part of a birthday present for Claudia who was moving out soon.
Lucy was looking for a fun experiance to think back on along with a photos that will last for lifestime. We met at one of my favourite location – Mugdock Country Park. Mudgock Park is the perfect place for any type of session, regardless of the season. Rolling paths, old ruins or a romantic secluded pond. And this time, despite the midges, we had great time. Even after years they will treasure their BBF pictures as much fun and secrets they have shared throughout the years.

Session with your best friend is great fun!
See for yourself!
The session is a unique gift for a friend for any occasion. It is a completely unexpected gift that can be redeemed at a convenient time.



best friends photshoot at the comfort of your home or on location

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