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How at home family photoshoot looks like?

What comes first in your mind when you think of at home family photoshoot? Cheesy grins, posing and awkward feeling? – This is not a session with me!

Let’s imagine – Sunday afternoon, together with your husband and children you are all lying on the couch cuddling. You read books together, having fun, goofing around, and resting. Does this sound stressful? Not at all, it’s a typical day off in your home. Except for the presence of an additional person – a photographer. 

What is means lifestyle photography?

That is the lifestyle session in short. It’s like a mini reportage from your family everyday life. Without lights, unnecessary gadgets, and stress. Only you, your loved ones spending time together exactly as you like it. During my lifestyle session I capture the real you. Without artificial smiles and stress written on the faces. It is only you, your family, and your micro adventures. Your unique story, not duplicate photos on the same background in the studio. I gave up taking pictures in the studio and I focus on using life photography. Why?

Some time ago I did at home family photoshoot for a family of four. Sylvia, David, Maya and Olaf. We curried out the session at their home, in their living room and bedroom. No more was needed! I was able to show real dynamics between children and parents, children’s interests. Their everyday life in their natural surroundings, their home. 

From the pictures, you can see Olaf is obsessed with dinosaurs. He remembers all dinosaurs’ names. I was very impressed as most of those names are so difficult to pronounce. Maya is a little princess. She can spend hours polishing her make-up skills. These are the emotions between the four of them. We had time to capture mammy and daughter shoots, daddy, and son pictures and even mammy and daddy once. 

That  authentic connection cannot be captured in the studio.

moments you are not able to capture by yourself

In studio I’m not able to show raw slice of your life, emotions and true connection between you and you children. In my photography I focus on small gesture and glazes. I freeze those moments you are not able to capture by yourself. Your looks of love, pride, and concerns when you look at your child. Seconds. When your hand gently fixing your daughter unruly hair or wiping a bit of dirt off your son’s face. Honest moments. The heart and essence of motherhood. 

The lifestyle photo session is like storytelling, the story of your family. Cooking together, a long walk in the park, reading your favourite books and cuddling on the bed. During an at-home family photoshoot, I can show the real you as you are, a normal family although extra-ordinary. These are the moments that you will remember with pleasure for years. Without standing, posing, and forced smiles.

Although I suggest what to do when taking pictures, the pictures are largely unposed. When you are concentrating on having fun together it effectively diverts attention from being photographed. When you are in a movement focusing on your loved ones it’s easier to create good, natural shots. A photographer in such a situation is only an observer and the stress of posing is much less. The session itself is more like an adventure, a great time having together.

your family adventure

So, you can see, lifestyle professional photo session is not just a photo shoot, is a great family adventure, the time you have for each other. Unforgettable memories and souvenirs for the whole family for many long years. And after years when you look at the family album and photographs you will revive these extraordinary moments from the session as evidence of the joy of being together. 

Is this sound like an experience you wish to have with your family. I look forward to documenting the love and joy between you and your family. 


at home Family photoshoot - your family authentic story

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