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Family photos with Older Children

What to do if your child refuses to take photos during your family photoshoot? As a mum of three very active children who are not always in the mood for family photos, I know how you may feel before the session. 

Today I want to share with you one of my autumn family sessions. The challenging one. Taking family photos of older children may become harder than getting a toddler to sit still and smile. However, taking relaxed photographs of teenagers and bigger children doesn’t have to be a real mission impossible. 

the challange of family photos with the child refusing his photo taken

When Kasia contacted me to book her photoshoot, she mentioned straight away her son hates his photos taken. She had birthday soon and she wished to book a photoshoot with her children as a gift for herself. Kasia is the one who takes responsibility for recording family memories on photographs. So, she is never in the pictures. Photoshoot was a perfect gift for her birthday. 

She was excited about the session and worried about her son who truly hates posing for photographs. Karol is 11 years old, full of energy. At this stage boys became very stubborn and the worst thing we could do would be forcing him to take part in the photo shooting. For boys at Karol’s age attending a shoot seems to be a boring thing to do. Boys would rather be doing a million other things than spend a few hours being told what to do and wear in front of the camera, I get it.  So, together with Kate, we agreed to not ask Karol for taking part in the shoot and let him watch the action at the very beginning of our session. 

When we were arranging a shoot for Kate’s family, we struggled to find a convenient time for our outdoor session for some time. As it’s known in Scotland, the weather is unpredictable on a daily basis, that is until one of the last beautiful autumn weekends. The atmosphere at Pollok Country Park was magical with the colours, the light, and the cheerful children ready to explore. 

Autumn is a wonderful time to shoot outdoors. The colours that nature has to offer in its repertoire are unique. I am always delighted with the variety of colours at this time of year. The Browns, yellows and reds in various shades are complemented by warm, soft lighting. I feel as if the golden hour lasts forever as the light is filtered through the colourful leaves and falls at a different, gentler angle. 

Magig of the open air

When I was driving to the location I was truly nervous. I had a plan in my mind for Kate, Karol and Lena’s family photos at Pollok Country Park. Before I took my camera out of the bag I decided to play for a little while with Kate and Lana to see if Karol would like to join us. I brought with me a game rope and we were staring to skipping and play “Tug of war” which is a classic rope game for kids

It didn’t take long when Karol, still shy, joined us. We played for a while with the rope. Then I explained to Karol and Lena my approach to photography. As I don’t want them to stand, pose and smile during the shoot. I let them play with their mum and I embrace the natural smiles and expressions. 

We spent over  two hours together, playing, walking, and talking along breath-taking Pollok Country Park. Whilst I took photos of them. This is my preferred method of capturing images of families during an outdoor lifestyle session. Exploring the outdoors this way leads to plenty of laughter and amazing photos of everyone, all without feeling over-conscious.

I want ask you to smile I will make you smile

Thereover, how many times you took part in the professional photo session there can still be for many people a feeling of nervousness or intimidation when in front of a camera. It’s natural and more common than you think. When faced with such a dilemma, it is best to find something fun for the children to do in order to keep them occupied and to distract them from being photographed. One of my tried and tested tricks of the trade is to begin with a race, which is a perfect game to start a session with juniors. 

Look at those family photos to see what great emotions I was able to capture.  It’s one of my favourite ways to catch such fleeting moments of childhood in my frames. 

This session was especially important, as Kasia gifted this to herself for her birthday. Together, we were able to capture the whole family together during a wonderful moment outdoors. I’m sure they will enjoy reminiscing about this day when they look at their photo albums in future years and remember this beautiful day with fond memories. 



Great overall experience! Kinga did a beautiful Autumn photo session at the Pollock Country Park for me and my two children. It was our first professional family photo session and I didn’t know what to expect. She was helpful all the way, not just during the session but also prior to it, prepared different activities for the kids to get them engaged and managed to create an atmosphere of fun and play rather than a chore. Photographs exceeded my expectations although it was not an easy job for Kinga to convince my son to participate. These beautiful moments captured by Kinga are priceless!
Kasia Malek




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